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Zabal is a doctor and pirate officer of the Simon Pirates.


Zabal Portrait

A closeup of Zabal.

Zabal is an average sized middle-aged man, with a black goatee, black glasses and a black beanie, with two white sparks on it. He wears an open red coat, with a big white collar, and two white surrounded in black spark at each side of the zipper. Under the coat, he seems to wear a red unique suite, with a zipper in the front. He also wears two long scarfs, a white one around his neck and a blue one on his left shoulder, brown open gloves, two narrow brown belts around his legs, and polished dark red shoes.


Zabal is a rude person. He overuses his own knowledge of medical treatments to abuse anybody, even though the subject isn't his patient. Although his methods of treatment are cruel, he doesn't mind others' views about them.[1] He is loyal to his captain and he supported Simon to run away so he attacked Coe, who would help the Straw Hat Pirates.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Zabal is strong enough to be given a bounty of Beli30,000,000.[2] As a pirate officer of Simon Pirates, he has command over all the lower-ranking subordinates.[1] In addition, he is equipped with a sword, and it is implied that he does have some knowledge regarding swordsmanship.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Main article: Crush Style

He has great physical strength since he easily used his right right hand to push away Coe, a tall and large person.[3] By focussing on training his legs in Crush Style, he is able to perform surgery or avoid others' attacks.[4]


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