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Yuya Anime Infobox
Japanese Name: ユウヤ
Romanized Name: Yūya
English Name: Yuuya
Debut: Episode 318
Affiliations: Aunt
Japanese VA: Ryō Hirohashi
Funi English VA: Alese Watson

Yuya is an anime-only orphan from Water 7. He lives together with other orphans as a family under care of a woman, whom they call "Aunt".


Yuya is a young boy with round eyes and short brown hair. He wears a black shirt with a large gray stripe around the sleeves and neck openings, with blue shorts, and is shown carrying an infant.


Yuya, and the other children have a very close relationship with Aunt, whom they call "Mama".

Abilities and PowersEdit

Yuya along with the other children, stands in front of Aunt to protect her from pirates.


Yuya was part of a group of orphans who was under the care of Aunt. After loan sharks tried to steal her money, Zoro sent them and some pirates away, fixing the situation.

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