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Mr. Yoshimoto is the owner of the restaurant Spice Bean.[2]


He is a tall, middle aged man. He's bald and wears a chef's hat. He wears a blue robe, with a purple lining that has yellow circles on it. Under his robes, he has a yellow shirt with orange lining and a large star on it.[1]


Yoshimoto cares deeply for his restaurant, since he was struggling to smile at Luffy, who was eating all of the restaurant’s food. He, like most civilians, is also scared of well-known pirates, telling Luffy to run away from Portgas D. Ace.


He was always trying his best to smile while Luffy was consuming almost his entire food supply. After Luffy blasted away Ace and Smoker, he was seen telling Luffy to run, thinking Ace was going to kill him, not knowing that they were brothers. [1]


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