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Yamenahare is a citizen of Pucci and the manservant to Marumieta, the daughter of Pucci's mayor, Bimine. [1]


Yamenahare in Digital Manga

Yamenahare in the digitally colored manga.

Yamenahare is a middle aged man, with glasses, a large mustache and beard. He wears a standard suit.


Yamenahare shows great concern over Marumieta, as seen when she spotted Franky running nude around Water 7.


Post-Enies Lobby ArcEdit

He was seen in the background during Franky's naked run through Water 7 and he was shocked as his mistress spied on him with binoculars, being named in volume 47 of the SBS. He came with his mistress to Water 7 to deliver emergency supplies after the Aqua Laguna.

Two Years LaterEdit

He reappeared when Bimine came to Galley-La Company as a client, fretting over his mistress again.


  • "Yamenahare" (止めなはれ?) means "please stop".


  1. SBS One Piece MangaVol. 47, Chapter 451, Yamenahare name is given

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