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The Wotans are a crossbreed species between a giant and a fishman.[2]


Groggy Monsters

The contrast in size of Big Pan (a Wotan), Pickles, and Hamburg, with Zoro and Sanji, average sized humans

In comparison to full-blooded giants, Wotans are not as big, but they are still considered big by human standards. Their size is roughly a little bigger than the Kairiki Destroyers, who are considered to be "oversized ants" to full-blooded giants. In the anime, their size is greatly enhanced to proportions similar to full-blooded giants.[1][2]

The Wotan's fishman genes are also passed on to them. These genes grant them incredible strength and the ability to perform amazing feats underwater. They seem to have far fewer visible fish features than a full-blooded fishman, such as gills and webbed hands.[1]


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  • The name Wotan may come from the Norse myths of Jötunn, or giants.
    • Coincidentally, "Wotan" is a Germanic variant of the name of the Norse God Odin.


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