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Wire[1] is a member of the Kid Pirates.


He is the tallest member of the Kid Pirates, being about one meter[citation needed] taller than Kid and Killer. He wears a dark brown headress like a cloak, a wire shirt, black shorts, and black fishnet stockings. He has the crew's Jolly Roger over his chest, and a necklace with small axe blades on it.


Wire is not very talkative and usually he does not show any type of emotion, as he is often seen standing in the background with a mopish expression in his face. He did, however, express shock when Kid was attacked by a Pacifista.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Wire's Trident

Wire and his trident.

His weapon of choice is a dark red trident, and he is strong enough to withstand the blast of Haki that Silvers Rayleigh used at the Human Auctioning House on Sabaody Archipelago.


Whitebeard War SagaEdit

Saboady ArcEdit

Along with the rest of the Kid Pirates, Wire was at Sabaody Archipelago at the same time of the Eleven Supernovas. He was able to escape the attack of Admiral Kizaru.

Marineford ArcEdit

Wire, along with the rest of his crew stayed behind on Saboady to watch the Whitebeard war unfold on the big screen at Saboady. Later, they all went closer to Marineford in their ship to see the war put to an end by Shanks.

Post-War ArcEdit

Wire was later seen in the New World with the rest of his crew, torturing a small crew who had just entered the New world, and wanted to go back to Paradise.

Dressrosa SagaEdit

Dressrosa ArcEdit

Wire and his crew were seen celebrating along with crew members from the Hawkins Pirates and On Air Pirates after forming an alliance with them. When Kaido landed on their island after jumping from a sky island, Wire was standing over the hole to see what landed.

Major BattlesEdit


  1. One Piece Blue Deep: Characters World (p. 215), His name is revealed.

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