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Whole Cake Island is a New World island under the control of Big Mom, one of the Yonko. It is her crew's base of operations[1] and the central island in the 35-island archipelago known as Totto Land (Big Mom's primary territory).[2]

General InformationEdit

Layout and ArchitectureEdit

The island is quite large and owes its name to its resemblance to a gathering of frosted cakes, and most buildings appear to be covered in what looks like icing. It is because of most these buildings' enormous size that visitors tend to be awed at the first sight of the island, and that the island may seem smaller when seen from afar. Because of massive poles shaped like candles (being even depicted as lit, although it is unknown if their "flames" are real) atop the largest buildings, those particularly look like birthday cakes. The interiors of buildings in general look as if they are partly made of icing.[1]

At least the island's southwestern coast is covered in a kind of hardened whipped cream, namely meringue.[3]

The island east bay was shown to have coral like structure, resembling those on Fishman Island.[4]


The sky above the island is sometimes covered by unique purplish and pinkish clouds,[1] and the island's special weather phenomenon of edible cotton candy snow may stem from those clouds.[5]

Cities and LocationsEdit


Sweet CityEdit

Sweet City

Sweet City

Sweet City (スイートシティ Suīto Shiti?) is the capital of Whole Cake Island, and, by extension, of all Totto Land. [6] The city is situated all around Whole Cake Chateau, roughly in the center of the island.[7] Its structures and buildings are made of edible substances, such as candy or biscuits furnished by the Minister of Biscuits, with some of the buildings being living. Some of the them also bear "BM" or "BIG MOM", as an obvious reference to the island's Queen. A juice river, seemingly connected to the sea or to Lake Aprico, runs through the town.[8] Sweet City is seemingly surrounded by living hills, and a pathway links the Whole Cake Chateau to Lake Aprico. The citizens of the city appear to be quite diversified, as in all Totto Land. Some balloons covered with frosting can always be seen floating over the town, regardless of the weather.

However, some of the town was destroyed when Big Mom started eating it during one of her cravings;[6] and when Charlotte Cracker was sent flying and defeated by Monkey D. Luffy, the city was put in a lockdown.


Seducing WoodsEdit

Seducing Woods

The Seducing Woods.

The Seducing Woods (誘惑の森 Yūwaku no Mori?) are situated in-between Whole Cake Island's Southwestern coast and the outskirts of Sweet City. They were what the Sanji Retrieval Team visited first on the island after disembarking. Consistent with the island's theme, the forest is quite bizarre, being largely edible and full of Homies, like trees, lollipops, cakes, and flowers, which can be seen happily talking and singing with each other. More specifically, the forest includes a river of melon juice running through it, a waterfall of apple juice and Brûlée's House next to it. A talking crocodile seems to inhabit the river, his role being to destroy a certain donut bridge leading to the coast. Pound also used to be buried there, until Charlotte Cracker came to pull him out of the ground.[9][7][10] The forest's master is King Baum, the largest tree homie.[11]

Contrary to its seemingly merry atmosphere at first glance, the forest has a strong sense of maliciousness, as there are skeletons of past wanderers laying around, and the trees and other homies constantly move around to block off exit routes and evermore shift the forest's very layout to confuse their visitors, regarding it as a "Game of Death", joyfully singing about how those visitors' brutal deaths might look like. In fact, the Homies, led by Baum, will not let go of a unauthorized visitors relatively regardless of how strong they are. There is also a strong interference with magnetic fields to prevent visitors from finding a way out via Log Poses (seemingly due to strange clocks secured on some tree homies, whose clock hands spin uncontrollably).[9][7][10][11]

Brûlée's HouseEdit

Brûlée's House (ブリュレの家 Buryure no Ie?) is the witch's lair. It is situated in the Seducing Woods, next to an apple juice waterfall and before a large mirror. It consists of a watermill activated by the aforementioned waterfall, biscuit-made walls and a large roof, on top of which is a black cat figure, fitting Brûlée's witch theme.[12] This house also possesses its parallel in the Mirro-World, and seems to connect it with the real world. Inside, its walls are covered of mirrors. In its center, a large cooking pot is used by Brûlée to boil her captives.[13]

Whole Cake ChateauEdit

Whole Cake Chateau (ホールケーキ城 (シャトー) Hōru Kēki Shatō?)[7] is the massive castle of Big Mom, and the largest cake building found in Sweet City, possessing ten floors,[14] and dwarfing essentially all the other buildings and landmarks of the island.[15] It is situated roughly centrally on the island, being surrounded by Sweet City.


  • The Prisoner Library (囚人図書室 Shūjin Tosho-shitsu?) is where Big Mom keeps her prisoners inside "Prisoner Picture Books" using Mont-d'Or's ability. The known prisoners were Monkey D. Luffy and Nami. Numerous books are stored in the Prisoner Library, and the one within which prisoners in the process of being tortured or questioned are faces a large sofa where executives can sit while talking with the prisoners.[16]

First Floor

Big Mom Shows Vinsmokes Her Collection

The Vinsmoke Family visits the Library.

Second Floor

  • The Guest Rooms (客間 Kyakuma?) are where guests of the island may reside, particularly those awaiting a marriage. There is at least one guest room on the second floor.[18]

Third Floor

  • The Courtyard (中庭 Nakaniwa?) is a large room located on the third floor of the Chateau. It has large windows with bright curtains. It is decorated to appear like an outdoor garden, with a cloudy wallpaper, plants, rose archs, and gazebos. It also has a large table where Big Mom can dine with her guests, with a large seat fitting the Yonko's great size.[20] This is also where Vinsmoke Sanji and Charlotte Pudding first met.[21]
  • An Infirmary (医療室 Iryō-shitsu?) is situated on the Chateau's third floor.[22] It was here that Vinsmoke Reiju was taken for treatment and rest after being attacked by Pudding.[23]

Fourth Floor

Room of Treasure

The Room of Treasure.

  • The Room of Treasure (宝物の間 Hōmotsu no Ma?) is a large room located on the fourth floor of the Chateau. It is where Big Mom stores her most valuable treasures, including three poneglyphs, one of which is her Road Poneglyph.[24] The unique door leading to that room is very tough,[25] although Big Mom easily destroyed it.[26] It is noted that even her children are not so easily granted entry into the hall.
  • The Alcohol Storehouse (酒貯蔵庫 Sake Chozōko?) is located next to the Room of Treasure. It is filled with barrels.[27]
  • A Women's Bathroom (女子トイレ Joshi toire?) is also located on the fourth floor, and possess mirrors that connect to the Mirro-World.[18]
  • There is at least one other Infirmary on the fourth floor.[23]

Sixth Floor

Eighth Floor

Ninth Floor

  • Big Mom's Bedroom (ビッグマム寝室 Biggumamu Shinshitsu?)[31] is where Charlotte Linlin, Napoleon, Prometheus, and Zeus spend their nights. The room has a large mirror that connects to the Mirro-World.[32]

Roof Top

  • The "Party Hall" (?) is a large outdoors space where big events such as the tea parties are held. It has a large double-door Homie at the entrance and a large staircase from which Big Mom enters to greet her guests. Like the most of Totto Land, everything in the room is eatable, and there are several Homies who serve drinks and snacks.[33]

Unknown Floor

  • The Queen's Chamber (女王の間 Joō no Ma?) is a two storey room, where Big Mom usually resides. It has a throne adapted for Linlin's great size, which is adorned with sweets and candies. Several supersized ice cream cones and bowls, alongside other sweet food, are standing and laying around her throne.[34] The Queen's Chamber is also where she can discuss with people about matters such as alliances, departures,[35] demands, [36] or requests.[37]
  • Pudding's Room (プリンの部屋 Purin no Heya?) is where Charlotte Pudding resides.[38] The door to the room is a talking door that will not open to unexpected people when its master is busy. [39] The room also has access to a wide balcony overlooking the island. [40]
  • Galette's Room (ガレットの部屋 Garetto no Heya?) is where Charlotte Galette resides. In the room there is a closet with a mirror connected to the Mirror World.[18]
  • The Execution Room (処刑場 Shokei-jō?) is a room with bones and a mirror connected to the Mirror World.[41]

Lake ApricoEdit

Lake Aprico (アプリコッ湖 Apurikokko?) is a large lake right behind Whole Cake Chateau, which runs into the ocean. Right at the entrance to its port are two Tartes, and only Big Mom's associate crews (and those that are in the process of becoming so) are granted access to the port. Lake Aprico is the current main location of the ocean-going Germa Kingdom.[7] As its name suggests, it may be composed of apricot juice.

Caesar Clown's Replica LaboratoryEdit

Whole Cake Island Laboratory

The lab built for Caesar.

Big Mom had her first son, Charlotte Perospero, build an exact replica of Caesar's Punk Hazard research facility on Whole Cake Island, somewhere around Whole Cake Chateau. Having acquired the blueprints, Perospero recreated the high-tech laboratory with pure candy, and then reinforced the entire structure with steel to prevent hazards and risks. Caesar is to work here to finish the gigantification drug he was commissioned by Big Mom to produce (but which he believes is impossible).

While the building resembles Caesar's original laboratory and contains all the necessary equipment, certain towers and walls are labeled with "WCI", "WHOLE CAKE ISLAND", and "SWEET" instead of "PH-006" and other like codes.[42]

Northeastern CoastEdit

The Northeastern Coast of Whole Cake Island stands out in that, according to Capone Bege, it is the perfect place to "make a body disappear". This is due to a large group of extremely wild and ferocious, dotted sharks swimming in the sea around the shore, which will prey upon any so unfortunate to fall in their waters until not even a hair of them remains.[43]

Fire Tank Pirates HideoutEdit

Fire Tank Pirates' Whole Cake Island Base

Luffy and Sanji arriving at the hideout.

The Fire Tank Pirates Hideout (ファイアタンク海賊団 アジト Faia Tanku Kaizokudan Ajito?) is a large dark cake building located in the northwest region of Whole Cake Island. It is where Capone Bege and his crew met to discuss their plans to turn against the Big Mom Pirates and take down Big Mom herself. It is also where they conduct meetings with potentials allies.[44]

  • The Hideout also has a Women's Bathroom (女風呂 Onna Buro?), where Nami and Carrot took a bath.[45]

Eastern BayEdit

Whole Cake Island's Eastern Bay serves as the Sun Pirates' hideout. It is also where Pekoms was treated after he was shot by Capone Bege from the Northeastern Coast, and saved by a fishman.[46]


Whole Cake Island is populated primarily by Big Mom's crew and allies, which include members of races from all across the world (except giants), even talking animals, and most of her over 80 children, as well as her grandchildren. At least one of her ex-husbands also resides on the island.

In addition, an extremely wide assortment of anthropomorphic singing animals and objects (the latter including primarily food) live on the island via the powers of the Soru Soru no Mi . All those seem to have a habit of repeating their noun name by way of singing or saying it in a melodic fashion; even living objects with a specific name use the noun and not their actual name; however, they are not limited just to saying their names and are capable of rational thought.[2] Anthropomorphic fragments of Linlin's soul known as "incarnations" also exist freely on the island, collecting souls and performing other tasks for their owner.


Fishman Island ArcEdit

Big Mom, while preparing for a tea party, received a report from Pekoms and Tamago that Fishman Island had failed to provide its requisite amount of sweets for her. However, she then conversed with Monkey D. Luffy, who ate the sweets, and decided to transfer her grudge to him instead.[1]

Whole Cake Island ArcEdit

Big Mom Eats Sweet City

Big Mom devastates Sweet City.

Big Mom and her subordinates made preparations for her upcoming tea party, in which her 35th daughter Charlotte Pudding would marry Sanji in order to form an alliance with the Vinsmoke Family. Big Mom had her subordinates go out to other islands and murder people in order to steal ingredients for their cake.[2]

Later, Linlin entered one of her cravings, specifically for croquembrouche, and rampaged in Sweet City, causing considerable damage and casualties even among her own castle and her sixteenth son, and only quelling down when Jinbe fed her the demanded sweet.[6]

When the Sanji Retrieval Team disembarked onto the island, they separated into two groups: Pedro and Brook left on a stealth mission to make a copy of Big Mom's Road Poneglyph, while Luffy, Nami, Tony Tony Chopper, and Carrot entered the Seducing Woods and became confounded by Charlotte Brûlée and the Woods' ever-shifting scenery.[9] Meanwhile, the Germa Kingdom had begun assembling in Lake Aprico, in preparation for their prince's upcoming wedding; there, Sanji reunited with his family after 13 years apart from them.[47]

After Pedro and Brook successfully infiltrated Sweet City, they observed Baron Tamago and Pudding shopping for the latter's wedding dress, and learnt that Big Mom was aware of all of their movements. At the same time, on the island's northeastern coast, Capone Bege and his Firetank Pirates shot Pekoms, who fell into the surrounding, shark-infested waters. Caesar also met with Big Mom in her chamber within Whole Cake Chateau, before her eldest son escorted Caesar to his replica laboratory.[42]

While searching for an exit to the Seducing Woods, Nami, Chopper, and Carrot were attacked by Brûlée herself. Brûlée successfully captured Carrot and Chopper into her Mirro-World, while Nami escaped and discovered Luffy gathering animals transformed by Brûlée's power into imitations of Sanji, Purin, Nami, Chopper, and Carrot.[48] Luffy and Nami then learnt that one of the figures buried in the Woods was one of Big Mom's former husbands, Pound, before being intercepted by Charlotte Cracker. Luffy and Cracker fought in the Woods, while Nami sought to make the homies do her bidding. Meanwhile, Pedro and Brook hid themselves inside one of Cracker's biscuit soldiers, planning to infiltrate Whole Cake Chateau once the soldiers returned to the castle.[49]



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