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Wetton Pirates
Wetton Pirates Jolly Roger
Japanese Name: ウェットン海賊団
Romanized Name: Wetton Kaizoku-dan
English Name: Wetton Pirates
First Appearance: Episode 140
Captain: Wetton
Main Ship: Tarielishin
Total Bounty: Beli Small14,900,000

The Wetton Pirates was an anime-only Pirate Crew. They first appeared in the Rainbow Mist Arc.


They were headed by the former pirate, Wetton when he was young, burning down Ruluka.

The crew disbanded when Wetton became mayor of Ruluka in his wish for peace of mind. The newly formed Ruluka Government used Wetton's Jolly Roger as their insignia.

When Wetton was arrested by Rapanui fifty years later, any remnants of the crew and their government became inactive if they were not arrested alongside him.


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Wetton Pirates
Wetton Ian

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