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Weekly Shonen Jump 40 Years x Panson Works Soft Vinyl Figure

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Banpresto made an agreement with Panson Works to produce several lines of figures using the easily recognizable visual style of Panson Works.

As the very peculiar design style of Panson Works gained an acclaimed success in Japan, this style has been applied to several shonen series characters.

The 40th anniversary of Shonen Jump indeed has been the opportunity for Banpresto to produce a figure line focused on the main and trademark characters of several successful shonen series, under the brand Weekly Shonen Jump 40 Years x Panson Works, released as sets of 5 figures, 10 cm tall. Among those shonen series, One Piece has been represented by Luffy and the little mascot of the series, Chopper.

Weekly Shonen Jump 40 Years x Panson Works Soft Vinyl Figure - Special VersionEdit

The very first set came out in August 2008, with Luffy.


Weekly Shonen Jump 40 Years x Panson Works Soft Vinyl Figure - In BlisterEdit

After the Special Version, Banpresto released regularly several sets with figures packaged in blister.

Set 1 came out late October 2008.
Set 2 came out mid-November 2008.
Set 3 came out mid-December 2008.
Set 4 and 5 came out simultaneously in mid-January 2009.

Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Set 4
Set 5

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