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Japanese Name: ウェイバー
Romanized Name: Weibā
Official English Name: Waver
First Appearance: Chapter 220; Episode 144
Affiliations: Skypiea

Wavers are small vehicles created in Skypiea.

Design and FunctionEdit

The typical Waver bears a resemblance to water scooter, in both appearance and functional design. They are made from a small boat with a Breath Dial installed within, and a set of handle bars that are connected to the front wheel.

Wavers are extremely hard to control and it usually takes ten years to master riding the vehicle.

Shiro Mokuba IEdit

Main article: Shiro Mokuba I

The one Nami owns has been modified by Franky in both design and functionality, and has been rechristened as Shiro Mokuba I. It is faster than other Wavers, as it is very light in weight and uses a Jet Dial for propulsion instead of the standard Breath Dial. Nami managed to master riding it after finding it and realizing its function in a surprisingly short time, due to her exceptional natural ability and delicate touch.

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