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Warship Island, also known as "Battleship Island", is one of the anime-only places visited in the Warship Island Arc. The island, which is in the shape of a battleship, is where the Sennenryu, a thought-to-be extinct race of dragons that live for 1000 years, come to die and be reborn.

Notable AreasEdit

Dragon's NestEdit

The Dragon's Nest is an area found in the Warship Island arc. Every 1000 years, this large area of ground, rises out of the ocean. This is where the Sennenryu gather.

First Appearance: Episode 60


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Warship Island
Apis Ryu Bokuden


  • The island may have been based on Japanese reality, as there two places in Japan nicknamed "Gunkanjima", or "Battleship Island". Hashima Island got its nickname from its apparent resemblance to a battleship, which caused the US Navy torpedoed it during World War Two [1]. Mitsukejima also got its nickname because of its shape.

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