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Warashi[1] is one of the Shandia warriors who fought against Enel. He is eventually defeated by Ohm.


Warashi is a tall, broad, and pale man with unkempt blond hair that goes till his shoulders. He wears a white pointed cap, with red stripes, and white feathers with black tips on the top. He wears two thin dark red necklaces, and one necklace with a golden medallion with a star on it, and a white string hanging down. He wears a white, open, sleeveless coat that goes down to his thighs, and is torn at the bottom. He has two red arm bands on his upper arms, that have white circles with a white square in it as the design. He also has a plate around his stomach, and a dark brown grass skirt, with grey-brown pants. He has white wings on his back and carries a large broadaxe.


As a Shandia warrior, Warashi feels great pride and loyalty towards his people. He is also brave, as he was willing to fight against even the priests of Skypiea.

Abilities and PowersEdit


Warashi carries a big axe, and can be assumed to be competent at wielding it.


Sky Island SagaEdit

Skypiea ArcEdit

Warashi fought along with the other Shandia for Skypiea, but was eventually defeated by Ohm.


  1. One Piece Blue Deep: Characters World (p. 212), his name is revealed.

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