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Wapol's Omnivorous Hurrah is the fifth mini-series created as a side story on the title pages of each One Piece chapter.

Short SummaryEdit

Having been propelled onto an unknown island by Luffy, Wapol experiences (for the first time) life as a homeless man. Eventually, he uses his Baku Baku powers to create unique toys by fusing different objects together and begins to work his way back up the social ladder by selling these toys to children. In the end he opened his own shop and married Miss Universe.

The story can be set between the events of Drum Island Arc and the timeskip.

Long SummaryEdit

On an unknown island, the landscape has been marred by someone taking bites out of it. That person is revealed to be Wapol, currently sporting a tree head after eating one. Wapol then eats a gas lamp, annoying the nocturnal animals at night, and then a bench, scaring away unsuspecting people trying to sit on him. Finally, Wapol snaps and starts eating the entire town for dessert, which results in his arrest.

Elsewhere, Dalton becomes the new king of Drum Island, with the kingdom now called the Sakura Kingdom.

Wapol, meanwhile, escapes arrest and ends up in a dump with a dog that constantly pees on him. Wapol tries to make money by selling matches, but nobody wants to get near him. Wapol ends up eating broken toys under a bridge, completely destitute, with nothing left of his former life as a king. However, while munching on the junk, he ends up using his Baku Baku Factory technique to create combined junk toys. The island children love Wapol's new toy creations, so Wapol starts selling them for a profit. Wapol's toy booth booms in popularity, and quickly expands.

One of the children brings his new toy and shows it to his scientist father, who discovers that the toy is made out of an unidentified, powerful alloy. Wapol was then thrust into the limelight for this invention, which he dubbed "Wapometal." He managed to become rich enough to build his own toy shop, and then an entire factory, and even an entire conglomerate. He then married a beautiful woman by name of Miss Universe. With her and his new pet, Hakowan, at his side, Wapol has become more rich and powerful than he ever was as a king.

Chapter TitlesEdit

  1. I Do Not Die, Even When Killed (Chapter 236)
  2. I Eat a Tree (Chapter 237)
  3. I Eat a Lamp (Chapter 238)
  4. I Eat a Bench (Chapter 239)
  5. The Town is My Snack, Whenever I Want (Chapter 240)
  6. Arrested Despite My Kingly Status (Chapter 242)
  7. King Dalton of the Sakura Kingdom (Chapter 243)
  8. My Great, Tearful Escape (Chapter 244)
  9. I Am No King Anymore (Chapter 245)
  10. The Little Match Wapol (Chapter 247)
  11. Me, Under the Bridge (Chapter 248)
  12. Baku Baku Factory!! I Play in the Dump by the River (Chapter 249)
  13. My Toys Have Captured the Hearts of These Children (Chapter 250)
  14. Using Toys to Make my Daily Pittance (Chapter 251)
  15. My 'Wapol Toy Shop' is Opened (Chapter 252)
  16. My Business is Booming (Chapter 253)
  17. A Local Scientist Discovers the Secret of Wapol's Toys (Chapter 255)
  18. Discovery!! The New Alloy, Wapolium (Chapter 256)
  19. Bigger and Better! Toy Shop Wapol (Chapter 257)
  20. Baku Baku Factory, the Giant Corporation (Chapter 258)
  21. The Upstart 'Wapol Conglomerate' (Chapter 259)
  22. I Marry Miss Universe (Chapter 261)
  23. The Rebirth of Terrible Power!! Wapol's Insignia Stretches to All Corners of the World (Chapter 262)


Chapter 236
I Do Not Die, Even When Killed
Chapter 237
I Eat a Tree
Chapter 238
I Eat a Lamp
Chapter 239
I Eat a Bench
Chapter 240
The Town is My Snack, Whenever I Want
Chapter 242
Arrested Despite My Kingly Status
Chapter 243
King Dalton of the Sakura Kingdom
Chapter 244
My Great, Tearful Escape
Chapter 245
I Am No King Anymore
Chapter 247
The Little Match Wapol
Chapter 248
Me, Under the Bridge
Chapter 249
Baku Baku Factory!! I Play in the Dump by the River
Chapter 250
My Toys Have Captured the Hearts of These Children
Chapter 251
Using Toys to Make my Daily Pittance
Chapter 252
My 'Wapol Toy Shop' is Opened
Chapter 253
My Business is Booming
Chapter 255
A Local Scientist Discovers the Secret of Wapol's Toys
Chapter 256
Discovery!! The New Alloy, Wapolium
Chapter 257
Bigger and Better! Toy Shop Wapol
Chapter 258
Baku Baku Factory, the Giant Corporation
Chapter 259
The Upstart 'Wapol Conglomerate'
Chapter 261
I Marry Miss Universe
Chapter 262
The Rebirth of Terrible Power!! Wapol's Insignia Stretches to All Corners of the World


During the timeskip, Wapol and his wife founded their own kingdom.  In addition, during the time skip, Franky was able to use Wapometal to advance his own technology.

Arc NavigationEdit

Wapol's Omnivorous Hurrah
Manga Chapters (covers)
236 237 238 239 240 242 243 244 245 247 248
249 250 251 252 253 255 256 257 258 259 261

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