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For other uses of the name "Romance Dawn", see Romance Dawn (Disambiguation).

Volume 1 is titled "ROMANCE DAWN - The Dawn of the Adventure".

Cover and Volume IllustrationEdit

Volume 1 Illustration

The illustration on page 3 of Volume 1.

The colored cover has a beige background, and the title logo is in black, red and maroon. The author's name is printed in blue.

On the front, Luffy, Zoro, and Nami are sailing out to sea while celebrating and being surrounded by seagulls. In the background is a small cartoonish island.

On the spine, Luffy is featured. The skull on the spine is colored yellow-orange.

For the volume illustration on page 3, Luffy rides on a small boat out in the sea. The title is printed on an unraveling, wavering flag, and a seagull wearing a stereotypical pirate hat is perched on the right end of it.

Author's NotesEdit

Author's Notes
Volume 001 Intro Image In order to write a "Story of Pirates", I've been gathering lots of sources on pirates and reading them, but none state of a pirate who dreamed of becoming one in their young days. Seems like they were having so much fun that they forgot to mention themselves in history. Gosh, this is why pirates are such a pain.


  • 001. ROMANCE DAWN - The Dawn of the Adventure (ROMANCE DAWN—冒険の夜明け— Romansu Dōn - Bōken no Yoake?): A young boy named Monkey D. Luffy swears to become the Pirate King, accidentally eats the Gomu Gomu no Mi, and is given a straw hat by his idol, Shanks. Ten years later, Luffy sets out on the high seas.
  • 002. That Guy, "Straw Hat Luffy" (その男"麦わらのルフィ" Sono Otoko "Mugiwara no Rufi"?): Luffy meets cabin boy Coby and defeats his abusive captain, Alvida.
  • 003. Introducing "Pirate Hunter Zoro" ("海賊狩りのゾロ"登場 "Kaizoku-gari no Zoro" Tōjō?): Luffy and Coby arrive at an island where Roronoa Zoro is imprisoned. Intent on having him in his crew, Luffy meets him and a girl who reveals why he was captured.
  • 004. Marine Captain "Axe-Hand Morgan" (海軍大佐"斧手のモーガン" Kaigun Taisa "Onote no Mōgan?): Luffy goes to retrieve Zoro's swords, but enrages the captain of the Marine Base, Morgan.
  • 005. Pirate King and Master Swordsman (海賊王と大剣豪 Kaizoku-Ō to Daikengō?): Morgan and the Marines go to kill Zoro and Coby, and Zoro remembers the promise he made to his deceased friend Kuina. However, Luffy saves them and Zoro tells him he will join his crew.
  • 006. The First Person (一人目 Hitorime?): Luffy and Zoro battle against Morgan, Helmeppo, and the Marines.
  • 007. Friends (友達 Tomodachi?): Luffy and Zoro leave peacefully, and Coby joins the Marines. He and the Marines thank the two for stopping Morgan.
  • 008. Introducing Nami (ナミ登場 Nami Tōjō?): Luffy is captured by a bird and Zoro meets some of the Buggy Pirates. On an island, Luffy meets Nami, who is running away from some pirates.

Marine Captain "Axe-Hand Morgan" - Road to center stage!!Edit

Marine Captain "Axe-Hand Morgan" - Road to center stage!! (海軍大佐「斧手のモーガン」表舞台への軌跡) is a segment where the author explains the evolution of Morgan's design. It is located on page 144.


Volume 1 Page 144 Header

Morgan: "I am great"

Volume 1 Page 144 1
  • Since I had thought of Helmeppo beforehand, this was the first thing that came to mind as I was brainstorming the introduction of his father. 

"He probably has a split chin too, since his son also has a split one."

"His hairstyle has got to be something that exceeds Helmeppo's. He's his father, after all."

  • And so, the finished product turned out looking like this (↙). His name wasn't "Morgan", but "Chop".
Early Morgan


"It's Marine Captain Chop!!" 

He's a sailor, so "Chop the sailor". 

Aah, what a simple name. 

As one would expect, I ended up dropping this concept

(Translator's Note: "Chop the sailor" [水兵チョップ] also sounds similar to a well-known move called the 水平チョップ [Suihei Chop; lit. Horizontal Chop])

There's no more space to put these here so I wont, but Morgan actually went through 2~3 more transformations before he ended up with his current look.

The reason why he ended up looking more or less good looking is because one of my editors straight up just told me that he "looks like crap". "True", I agreed.

Volume ExtrasEdit

Page 58Edit

An original drawing of ShanksBenn BeckmanLucky Roo, and Young Luffy standing together can be found.

Volume 1 Page 58
Page 58.

Step 1 - The pirate flag (page 82)Edit

Step 1 - The pirate flag (STEP 1 - 海賊旗) is the first part of a small, divided extra segment series found in between chapters of this volume. Here, the author provides a mini-guide (with illustrations) on Jolly Rogers.


Volume 1 Page 82 1


The pirate flag. First, we must have a discussion on this topic.

These "pirate flags" are commonly referred to as "Jolly Rogers", and they symbolize death. Very scary.

The name "Jolly Roger" comes from
Volume 1 Page 82 2

On devil's forehead: "Evil"

  • "Jolie Rouge", which signified blood in French, or
  • "Le Jolie Rouge", which also meant "the jolly red dude", or
  • "Old Roger", which also meant "demon", or other various theories.

In other words, the flag symbolizes a heck of a disaster coming your way.

Step 2! - Draw a skull! (page 104)Edit

Step 2! - Draw a skull! (STEP 2! - ドクロマークを描こう!) is the second portion of the previous extra segment found in this volume. The author gives simple step-by-step directions for readers to draw their own One Piece Style Jolly Roger.


Volume 1 Page 104

  1. Draw a circle
  2. Draw 3 circles inside the circle
  3. Hang a circle
  4. Insert 2 lines
  5. Insert 3 vertical lines
  6. When you draw some bones in the background...
  7. Done [Whaat!?]
  8. Done [Hooray!]
  9. Also, if you add a hat, you get a Luffy's jolly roger.

Step 3! - Make your own Jolly Roger!! (page 124)Edit

Step 3! Make your own Jolly Roger!! (STEP 3! - オリジナル海賊マークを作ろう!!) is the conclusion to the 3 part segment featured in this volume. Here, the author begins an interactive activity for readers to create their own One Piece Style Jolly Roger.


Volume 1 Page 124

Have you mastered the basics yet? Next, let's try and keep these steps in mind as you start to create your own personal Jolly Roger!!


Luffy's Jolly Roger

Add a straw hat

Shanks' Jolly Roger

3 scars on the left eye

Swords in the background

Alvida's Jolly Roger

A sideways skull with a heart


If you like baseball, it'd be something like this

If your dream is to become a chef, it'd be something like this

Original Design Skull


  • This volume's cover image is referenced in the cover of Volume 61, with Luffy, Zoro, and Nami in the same pose, but with the rest of the Straw Hats and Thousand Sunny added.
  • Volume 61's title is also very similar to the title of this volume.
  • This, Volume 12, and Volume 61 are the only volumes to contain an entire story arc, with the Romance Dawn Arc completely contained in this volume.
  • This volume has the least number of chapters, at 8, although Chapter 1 is 54 pages long.


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