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Vivre Card - One Piece Visual Dictionary (VIVRE CARD 〜ONE PIECE図鑑〜?) is the sixth databook. It was released on September 4, 2018.[1]


Unlike former One Piece Databooks, "Vivre Card" is a collection of cards that act as information pages. The book itself is in fact a ring binder that allows the organization and categorization of those cards. It is said to have 400 cards, though One Piece's editor Takuma Naito stated that it is "never-ending".[1] A list from a book meeting showed over 1000 possible characters.[2]


The cover features several characters, and is a poster that is optional to be placed on the binder.

First FolderEdit

Vivre Card Full Cover

Second FolderEdit


As of now, there are three types of cards: Character cards, Extra Characters cards, and Skill cards. Each card has two sides of printed information, and two punch holes at the side.

Booster SetsEdit

After the initial reseals, an additional sets of cards known as booster sets are scheduled to be released after Vivre Card comes out. Each containing 16 cards.

Release Date Releases
Sep 4, 2018 First folder Starter Set Vol. 01
Oct 4, 2018 Masters of the East Blue!! Gathering! "Supernovas"!!
Nov 2, 2018 Arlong Pirates and People of Cocoyasi Village Keepers of Impel Down VS Prisoners!! *
Dec 4, 2018 The Desert Kingdom - Alabasta's Elite!! "Yonko" Whitebeard Pirates!!
Jan 4, 2019 Mobilize! Secret Society Baroque Works Seafloor Paradise - Residents of Fish-Man Island!!
Feb 4, 2019 Sky Island's Powerful Enemies Fish-Man Island's Powerful Enemies
Mar 4, 2019 Second folder Starter Set Vol. 02
Apr 4, 2019 Shandora Warriors VS God's Army!! The Menace of Punk Hazard!!
May 2, 2019 World's Best Shipwrights! Galley-La Company!! Ruler of Fear! Donquixote Family!!
Jun 4, 2019 Clash! Colosseum Fighters!! Enforcers of the "Dark Justice"! CP9!!
Jul 4, 2019 Nighmare! Phantoms of Thriller Bark!! Warriors of Nature! Mink Tribe from Mokomo Dukedom!!
Aug 8, 2019 "North Blue" Warmongers - Germa 66!! "Yonko" Big Mom Pirates!!

Character CardsEdit

Character cards are cards featuring a character and information about it. They can show a single character of more if those character are often seen together, or if there is very little information on each one. The cards are color coded mostly by the character affiliation and\or status.

Front SideEdit

  • Character's name (Japanese and English)
  • A four digits number
  • Character's image.
  • Character Information:
  • Crew/Affiliation and role (with crew's Jolly Roger/affiliation symbol)
  • The first person (featuring a reference scene from the manga)
  • How to laugh (featuring a reference scene from the manga)
  • Tone (only to some characters)
  • Character Profile
    • Gender
    • Residence
    • Birthday
    • Age
    • Height
    • Astrological sign
    • Blood type
    • Birthplace
    • Favorite food
    • Bounty
    • Voice Actor
    • Signature (only to some characters)

Back SideEdit

  • Essence section (featuring a reference scene from the manga)
  • Close Up/Gallery section (featuring a reference scene from the manga)
  • History section
  • Appearances
  • Height (relative to Monkey D. Luffy)
  • Bounty poster

Character AlignmentEdit

Character background colors describe the alignment that the character is part of, if more than one alignment is possible the current one has preference:

Color Alignment

Red Straw Hat Pirates

Coral Royalty

Orange Pirates

Dark Red Red Hair Pirates

Brown Pirates

Olive Whitebeard Pirates

Light Blue Peaceful Citizens

Green Troublesome Citizens

Dark Blue Marines

Indigo Shichibukai and World Government

Purple Revolutionaries

Yellow Supernovas

Gray Blackbeard Pirates

Light Gray Animals

Extra Characters CardsEdit

Unlike most Character cards, Extra Characters cards feature several characters that do not have enough information to make a regular card.

Title Pack Characters
"East Blue" characters Vol. 1 Starter Set Vol. 01 11
"East Blue" characters Vol. 2 Masters of the East Blue!! 12
"East Blue" characters Vol. 3 Arlong Pirates and People of Cocoyasi Village 12
"East Blue" characters Vol. 4 The Desert Kingdom - Alabasta's Elite!! 12
"The Summit War" characters Vol. 1 Gathering! "Supernovas"!! 11
"The Summit War" characters Vol. 2 Keepers of Impel Down VS Prisoners!! 12
"Whitebeard Pirates" characters Vol. 1 "Yonko" Whitebeard Pirates!! 12
"East Blue" characters Vol. 5 Mobilize! Secret Society Baroque Works 12
"The Summit War" characters Vol. 3 Seafloor Paradise - Residents of Fish-Man Island!! 11

Skill CardsEdit

Skill cards are cards featuring a skill and/or an ability. They have the user's name, the skill and attacks debut with a reference scene from the manga, and the user's height (compare to Luffy's).


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