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Vearth Statue

The Statue of Vearth.

Vearth (大地(ヴァース) Vāsu?, kanji means "Earth"; Varse in the Viz Manga and in FUNimation edited dub) is the name given to dirt by the people of Skypiea. Because Upper Yard is the only place in Skypiea where vearth can be found, it is considered a sacred substance.[1]

Before the events of Skypiea arc, the Shandia, Aisa, would usually sneak into Upper Yard and fill up her bag with vearth, bringing it back home with her.[2]

During the events of the Skypiea arc, Upper Yard was off limits to civilians. Anyone who entered was killed by Enel.[3]

The dirt on Upper Yard and Upper Yard itself originates from the island Jaya directly below Skypiea. Originally, Upper Yard was merely a piece of the island, but after a Knock Up Stream appeared beneath Jaya, it was shot up to Skypiea never to be seen again by the citizens of the blue sea.[4]

In the original FUNimation dub, Enel wanted to return Vearth to Earth, to Jaya, and drag all of the people from the sky along with it.

Fairy VearthEdit

Fairy Vearth (限りない大地(フェアリーヴァース) Fearī Vāsu?, kanji "Endless Earth"; it is called Endless Vearth in the FUNimation dub and Endless Varse in the Viz Manga) is a legendary land that Enel mentions throughout the Skypiea Arc. Enel wanted to travel to Fairy Vearth after he destroyed Skypiea.[5] For this purpose he built his ship, Maxim.[6]

After being defeated by Luffy, Enel headed off to Fairy Vearth, which turns out to be the Moon. There he found a group of alien like creatures - who have wings similar to the Skypieans - which Enel befriended.[7]

The discrepancy in translation ("Endless" vs. "Fairy") is because both are actually written in the manga. The Kanji lists it as "Endless Earth", while the Furigana reading is for "Fairy Vearth", meaning that, technically, both are correct.


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