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I had this in my mind what happend at the end of one piece with the crew. How it looks like for me now is that luffy gonne dy because the effect of gear second and the life span that iva used on him that shortens hes life spain even more he got 2 of that. What will happen to the crew this is my prediction i know its far from over but ya never know.

I think that luffy gonne dy first after he became pirate king and stays alive for like 10 more years after.

Zoro gonne become i think or ether a shibikai (sorry for bad english) for the reason that they dont touch the crew that skaterd if not then he gonne stay where he likes and stay the nummer 1 swordman in the world.

Sanji gonne become a cook ofcourse with hes own ship.

Ussope gos back to hes home town.

Franky gonne go back to water 7 and help the city stay a float.

Brook gonne take care of the whale.

Chopper become the best doktor of that snow island

nami gos back to her home town to create the world map.

Robin gonne stay with Nami because she got no place anymore but the crew m8s.

And every year they all come toghter and go to luffy grave thats at one piece.

What you guys think that they gonne do after getting to one piece.