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Hey all if ya didnt read chapter 699 this is a spoiler.

If ya read the chapter 699 dont ya guys think they are gonne make a alliance of almost all the supernovas because kid alliance are after kaido too and law is planning to take kaido and what ya already know is that x drake already fought a member of kaido to get hes attension i think because they saw the alliance from kid that they gonne let x drake join the SW alliance and they gonne weaken kaido army and then fight with the 8 supernova against kaido.

It maybe will be like a mini marine war because a yonkou is a yonkou the marine needed that many ppl just to fight one yonkou i think that the alliance of kid and law gonne join one another.

What i see in the mange from chapter 1 till now is everytime luffy making new friends they always say if they need any help they will back them up like the 2 giant legend one like lola and many more i think that will be luffy back up for later all the friend gonne join him because luffy helped him and now the wano country jinbe ofcourse maybe marco will join luffy in the futer and many more of the White beard members.

Hope we get some action from zoro sanji new attacks when they maybe gonne Donflamigo.

Aokiji i still think he aint gonne join the marine but still be loyal to garp if he ask him something because he is free now maybe he gonne contact luffy for something and join them like many more.

Tell me what you guys think.