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Now the 2nd person i wanna talk about is X Drake.

We know that he is a Supernova or at least was before the time skip and that he is a former Marine.

My favourite characters from any series are usually the mysterious ones thats the main reason i like and i want to talk about X Drake.I still dont know if the bounties of the supernova after the time skip are true but if they are i think X Drake defeated Kaido for that bounty.At first it seemed almost impossible for some1 who wasnt able to defeat a paficista before the time skip but we saw how much the SH advanced as power after the time skip so is possible for him to come at a Yonko level.After all he managed to fight 1 vs 1 with a pacifista and Luffy needed his entire crew to take out 1 pacifista.I dont think X Drake fought Kaido right after he defeated that cyborg probably he took more of Kaido islands and with the fights become more and more powerfull and after all defeated the Yonko but thats of course just my opinion.Tell me guys what do u think about X Drake and about him defeating Kaido.