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Zoro-san November 1, 2011 User blog:Zoro-san

So as the title says this blog will be a guess the character.

The rules are simple.I will think of a character then give you a small hint about it.Then you will ask questions where I will answer with yes or no.

For example:Is he/she wearing a hat?

Not questions like How does his/her hat looks?

Only questions where I will answer with yes or no.

I will make the 1st one and the one who guess will make the second.If you cant guess you can surrender.If 3 people surrender I will tell you who was the character then I will make another 1.

Any right hint will be put on the list.

So here we go:)

Tuckyd character:

-appears after Alabasta Arc

-the character is male

-he is a canon character

-he is human

-he is in the Grand Line

-he didnt appear after Enies Lobby

-he didnt appear in Enies Lobby arc

-he didnt appear in Davy Back Fight arc

-he appeared in Skypiea arc

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