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So the thing that inspired me to make this blog was the Favorite Users section from Rici's profile.

Which are ur favorite users and why?I mean u must admire some users for something.

Here would be my list:

Swim:For being the brother I never had.We share the same hobbies and we always have fun when we are talking.Its funny how we always try to talk about other things than RP and OP,but we always end up talking about them.

MJ:Because I can talk with him everything.He can act childish,but he can act rly mature at times.

Rici:I can say that I half admire Rici XD.I kinda admire his strictness at times,because I also hate spammers,but he can exaggerate at times.

Alpha:I think she is the person that understands me the most.I mean I am always talking with her when I got a problem,like with a friend in real life,and she always listens to me and tries to help me.

Users that I admired for what they did:

Roa and W13.

Users that I admire for what they are doing:


User that are my friends:X,FD,THT,MDM,MOM(maybe Hoot,Nacchy and Calu if they consider me their friend as well)