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The fourth character i wanna talk about is Donquixote Doflamino.

As we know he is a Shichibukai and a person we dont know anything at all.

We saw him cutting things without noticing anything else and use people as puppets.His personality is just so weird and somehow cool.He seems so powerfull for now as he owned every1 he fought with and wasnt paniced at WB earthquakes.My opinion is that he is the strongest Shichibukai.Of course we have to see more to be sure of this but i am already seeing him a lot more powerfull than Mihawk and i rly hope we will see a fight like this in the future:Doflamingo controlling Luffy vs Sanji,Chopper,Usopp,Nami,Robin,Franky,Brook,10th member and Mihawk vs Zoro in the same time.Its rly hard to tell what his DF is doing at first it seems he a puppeter but cutting people like that doesnt seem he is after all.Maybe he can gut puppens strings or something like thi who knows.

Well guys plz tell me your opinions and plz respect others opinion and dont comment on others opinion just tell me or them yours.