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Well,this is my 1st prediction ever.I hope it will be good :D

Chapter 656:A dragon slayer

Page 1

Luffy:*star eyes*A TALKING DRAGON?!?!SUGEEE!!

Usopp:*comicaly slapping Luffy**eyes popping out*WHY THE HELL ARE YOU EXCITED ABOUT THIS??You should be scared!

Dragon:*some fire is seen coming out of its mouth*You are not welcome here.

Page 2


Dragon:I am the guardian of Punk Hazard.

Luffy:*serious face*About that,someone called us from this island.That man was screaming in pain and told us something about samurais.

Dragon:You know about the samurais?...this changes everything.

  • The dragon releases a huge wave of fire from its mouth

Page 3

  • Luffy jumps on his right side,Zoro and Robin jump on their left sides and Usopp start running
  • The fire wave chases Usopp

Usopp:*scared face fault*Why is the fire chasing me?

  • Right before the fire wave would him him,Usopp jumps after a wall and remains uninjured

Usopp:The dragon seems pretty strong..*puts his googles on*A brave warrior should fight it.

Page 4

  • Luffy is on a huge rock

Luffy:*pissed off*HEY STOP!! I am going to kick your ass if you hurt my nakama.

  • The dragon ignores him and shots a huge fireball at him

Luffy:*shadowed eyes*I told you...

  • Luffy lifts his right arm in the air and activates his Gear Second

Page 5

  • Luffy takes his usual Jet Pistol stance

Luffy:*serious face*Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol!!

  • Luffy fires his technique
  • The fireball gets a huge hole in the center of it
  • The dragon is suddenly punched
  • The fireball simply passes Luffy
  • Luffy's right hand is slightly burned

Page 6

  • The dragon is seen standing without any serious injury

Luffy:Ah?A Jet Pistol wasnt able to scratch the dragon?

  • Luffy streches his right arm behind him a lot


  • His arm darkens

Luffy:Gomu Gomu no...

  • The dragon suddenly releases a huge fire wave towards Luffy

Page 7

  • Luffy suddenly disappears and reappears,using the speed of Gear Second,at some distance from the dragon
  • The dragon turns to him and starts shooting fireballs at him
  • Luffy continues to use the speed of Gear Second to dodge the fireballs

Luffy:*pissed off*I wont be able to use my technique if he keeps me off my range.

  • Suddenly,a Pop Green is seen flying towards the dragon

Page 8

Usopp:Midori Boshi:Devil!!

  • The Pop Green transforms into a huge man-eating plant
  • The plant catches the dragon with its vines

Usopp:*grins*This will hold you....Midori Boshi:Dokuro Bakuhatsu So!!

  • Usopp shots another Pop Green at the dragon
  • The Pop Green releases a huge explosion in the shape of a skull

Page 9

  • The dragon emerges from the smoke created by the explosion without much injuries

Usopp:*surprised face fault*What?Impossible!!

Dragon:Weak humans...

  • The dragon swings his tail at Usopp
  • Usopp docks,and dodges it in the last second


Page 10

  • The dragon turns around and sees Luffy standing on a huge rock with his right arm,being huge


  • The skin on Luffy's right hand darkens
  • Luffy jumps high in the air


Page 11-12

  • The dragon tries to dodge Luffy's technique

Usopp:*serious face*Midori Boshi:Bamboo Javelin!!

  • Usopp fires a Pop Green under the dragon
  • The huge bamboo forest created by the Pop Green lifts the dragon in the air
  • Luffy's punch hits the dragon directly and sends it flying into a building
  • Luffy lands on the ground

Page 13

  • Robin comes near them

Robin:Is it over?

Luffy:*pant*I have no idea,that dragon is really though.

  • The dragon emerges from the building with little injuries

Usopp:*scared*What?You were able to damage him only a bit with that?

Page 14

Dragon:You will pay...

  • The Dragon shoots a huge fire wave,double the size of the ones he shot earlier
  • Luffy uses the speed of Gear Second to take Robin and Usopp out of the fire wave's way

Robin:Mil Fleur:Gigantesco Mano!!

  • 2 huge hands emerge from the ground,near the dragon and punch him in the head

Page 15

  • The dragon sees Zoro with his back turned at him
  • The dragon releases another huge wave of fire at him


  • Zoro turns around


  • The fire wave hits him directly

Page 16

  • Zoro is seen in the middle of the fire wave


  • Zoro fastly unsheats his swords and disappears
  • Zoro reappears behind the dragon,with his swords covered in fire

Page 17

Zoro:Yaki Rengoku Oni Giri!!

  • The dragon gets 1 small scratch on his body and a huge cut


  • The dragon turns to Zoro and sees the Shuusui

Page 18

Dragon:*trembling*That sword...

Zoro:*serious face*What about it?

Dragon:*trembling*The sword of a dragon slayer...

Zoro:*serious face*Ha?Dragon slayer?