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The third character i wanna talk about.

I rly love this character cause we dont know anything about him,everything about him is a mystery and in most animes we saw that this kind of guys are very powerfull.For example the series most of u guys probably hate Naruto the main villain Tobi is some1 we dont know anything for sure about him and in another series u hate Bleach until the last fight we didnt know anything about Aizen as well.

The thing that makes me curious about him is his DF.His DF powers werent explained so ill say my opinion on what his powers are.He seems to be slow and not have so much physical strenght but cause of this we saw him produce voodoo dolls that take the damage he would take from or hit.Well we saw that the dolls were living humans so i think that hawkins have to go Goma no So and probably take their blood to make the dolls and then torture or kill his targets by destroying the doll.Some of u guys may say that he is overpowered if he can do that but i dont think cause he lack speed and strenght so Luffy Gear 2nd will be too fast and wont be able to do something with the doll.About the sword we saw that his sword have a voodoo doll as well so i think in situations where he cant use his DF powers the sword will do the same thing as his DF and with the sword is much easier to take some1 blood.Now guys tell me what do u think about Hawkins and what do u think about what i said with his DF powers.