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Oh well I know I am not such an important user to this wiki,but is important for me so I wanted to do a blog about this :D

K so a little history about me:

I am actually rly old on this wiki,because I am watching OP since 2002 and I started to look for infos on this wiki since 2009.I didnt come that often on the wiki,until the day I discovered the blogs.The blogs really attracted me and made me rly love this wiki.I usually commented as an AWC on blogs that made me interested.

Some users like Roa and DP created someblogs,exactly 1 year ago,that made me make an account on the wiki.I still remember I wanted something with Zoro as username,but couldnt find anything XD Zoro(taken)Zoro-sensei(taken)Zoro-badass(taken GAAAH) and so on until Zoro-san.

I was active at the beginning,commenting on almost each blog I found.Then a suddenly start playing a lot of online games and I kinda forgot about the wiki.I was still visiting the wiki from time to time and comment on some blogs.

Then I got back in the wiki and another series of great blogs appeared so I decided to make a blog myself(Marimo's brother:With 0 comments)and continue to be active,until I took a break again.The break was until W13's tournament which was awesome and I would rly like another great tournament like that.

This summer I didnt enter the wiki at all,but in September I was bored so I entered the chat and immediately made a lot of friends.This made me enter more times on the chat and create the RP wiki,OP war wiki,but thats another story.

Oh well essay time over(damn ya Rici XD)and I promise this year I will be more active since so far I was pretty much useless.