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  • Zoro-san

    Been some time since I've made a prediction! Actually...I only made one before. So yeah, this might (most probably will) suck, but enjoy!

    Luffy: AHAHAHAHA!!

    Pica: STRAW HAT!!

    Bystander #1: YOU'VE REALLY DONE IT NOW!!

    Pica lifts his enormous right arm high in the air, creating a massive shadow that covers the entire area.

    Bystander #2: He's...he's...HE'S GONNA KILL US ALL!!

    Zoro and Fujitora jump away from each other, both of them having their attention drawn to Pica.

    Pica: I won't all allow me!!


    Luffy falls on the ground and starts rolling while laughing. Pica gets angered even more by this and swings his enormous hand towards the ground, aiming to crush everyone. Noticing thi…

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  • Zoro-san


    April 17, 2012 by Zoro-san

    Ow yeah...long time no blog.

    Well, as the title of the blog says, the blog its about emotions.The emotions(feelings if you prefer)of our dear characters from One Piece.

    I want to see the dominant emotion of each character(well, only the important characters).Here would be an example to understand what I am talking about:

    Zoro-determination(I think its his dominant emotion.Zoro is probably the most determined person in the series together with Luffy)

    Brook-loneliness(I dont think any explanation should be given for this)

    Lets see your opinions about other characters now.

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  • Zoro-san

    Chapter 656 Prediction

    February 3, 2012 by Zoro-san

    Well,this is my 1st prediction ever.I hope it will be good :D

    Chapter 656:A dragon slayer

    Page 1

    Luffy:*star eyes*A TALKING DRAGON?!?!SUGEEE!!

    Usopp:*comicaly slapping Luffy**eyes popping out*WHY THE HELL ARE YOU EXCITED ABOUT THIS??You should be scared!

    Dragon:*some fire is seen coming out of its mouth*You are not welcome here.

    Page 2


    Dragon:I am the guardian of Punk Hazard.

    Luffy:*serious face*About that,someone called us from this island.That man was screaming in pain and told us something about samurais.

    Dragon:You know about the samurais?...this changes everything.

    • The dragon releases a huge wave of fire from its mouth

    Page 3

    • Luffy jumps on his right side,Zoro and Robin jump on their left sides and Usopp start running
    • The fire wave ch…

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  • Zoro-san


    January 31, 2012 by Zoro-san

    Hi every1!!

    This is a simple blog,as the tile says.It's a game where we find each other nicknames,other than the ones we have(Marimo for me for example).

    Yeah I know...2 lines blog...but I cant find anything more to add so have fun! :D

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  • Zoro-san

    Favorite Users

    January 22, 2012 by Zoro-san

    So the thing that inspired me to make this blog was the Favorite Users section from Rici's profile.

    Which are ur favorite users and why?I mean u must admire some users for something.

    Here would be my list:

    Swim:For being the brother I never had.We share the same hobbies and we always have fun when we are talking.Its funny how we always try to talk about other things than RP and OP,but we always end up talking about them.

    MJ:Because I can talk with him everything.He can act childish,but he can act rly mature at times.

    Rici:I can say that I half admire Rici XD.I kinda admire his strictness at times,because I also hate spammers,but he can exaggerate at times.

    Alpha:I think she is the person that understands me the most.I mean I am always talking wi…

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