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Hello Everyone,
It's Zori here:))
I am a new member of this wiki. This is my very first blog and my "Inglish" is not as good as some of you here so please be good to me. I am interested in knowing everything and anything about One Piece. I watched 500 plus episodes in the past few months in order to catch up, so I feel like I missed out on a lot of details and this is why I am re watching it.

This blog is about Strawhats crew's immediate family members whereabouts. As we all know, our Strawhats have had a sad past, and some of them have had a really horrible childhood. Now with the exception of the family members who are already part of One Piece storyline, do you think we will ever find out about the rest of the family members of the Strawhats in the future?

· Luffy: The mucho meat eater, do you think we will ever see Luffy's mother or grandmother?

· Zoro: Poor Marimo:( we don't know nothing about his parents or his family.

· Nami: The Cat burglar, shall we ever find out about her real mother?

· Usopp: The Coward long nose, could he possibly have siblings?

· Sanji: Dear Love cook:) no idea who his parents are!

· Chopper: The Sweet Sweet cotton candy lover, how do you think he will react if he sees his parents again?

· Robin: The Smart Lady, do you think her father will possibly be a very important figure?

· Franky: The Cyborg shipwright, where and who could his mother be?

· Brooke: The Pervy Kappa, WTH!!!! I am not sure what to ask?????

That’s it for now, I am very curious what your answers will be.