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Does anyone think this Vergo guy is an imposter? I think Doflamingo was involved with the disappearance and possibly kidnapping of real Vergo! I read the chapters 671 through 680 again and I started thinking may be...this Vergo guy in PH is not the real vice admiral!

According to the parents of the missing children Vergo was a very gentle marine. In the most recent chapter in flash back we have seen Vergo talking to Smoker about the G-5 marines that shows how much he cares about them! Also, right after Vergo attacked Tashigi, the men of G-5 unit says " Vergo-san never do things like this"! So may be the real Vergo is not a bad guy after all! But mainly I just don't understand what is Law trying to say with " it's not like Vergo has betrayed the marines" (Chapter 673, page 17 of Mangapanda) What the heck that supposed to mean?!

This is something minor but worth mentioning, in the chapter 672, Vergo was introduced as a mysterious man and then later in chapter 673 he was shown as V.A. Vergo but not the formal intro with the info box. So why not introduced him as VA the Vergo to begin with?! May be I am thinking too hard about this whole Vergo thing or may be not! We shall see what Oda has planned for this character VERGO. :P

Please tell me what do you think :D