5,623 Pages's Zori again....

Personally, I don't believe in posting long blogs because I fear you guys will either get bored or fall asleep while reading it and leave without commenting:)) Plus the fact that I can't write as well as some of you smarty pants does give me an excuse. XDXD

I have been wondering about this for a while, but after seeing how Zoro fights Hody Jones at Ryuugu Palace underwater, I am really curious to know if Zoro's has a fishman ancestry! There isn't much information disclosed about his heritage. Now as we all know, Zoro has shown some interesting abilities over the course of the series, he possesses skills far greater than a normal human. Isn't it amazing how Zoro manages to survive so many deadly battles without any devil fruit power?
For instance, in the Skypeia arc at the sacrificial alter, he fights that huge shark underwater and defeats it. Secondly, there is that time when Rob Lucci threw Luffy and Zoro out of Iceburg's office and into the Aqua Laguna. Luffy got stuck in between two buildings, and Zoro somehow managed to swim a far distance before getting stuck in a chimney! Lastly, Zoro has green hair just like Chimney, Kokoro, and Keimi (although theirs is a different shade of green).

Also, according to Oda, Zoro resembles a you think he is trying to give us a hint?
I know my reasoning for this speculation isn't very strong, but wouldn't it be interesting if this were true?