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Okay, so I waited the whole day for Neo-chan to do her weekly chapter review, but not show:(

So, here I go with my crappy writing....

Loled at the title of the chapter, the word "strategy" does not exist in Luffy's dictionary:)) It was nice to see Vivi again!

We finally discover what happened to Zoro's group. Does Nami has higher alcohol tolerance, since Sanji woke up first, and took CC's men out? Or does Zoro has higher tolerance, since he was the last one to fall asleep with KYP gas? It is good to see Zoro's sense of direction getting a little better after TS:P Oh! The images of bigfoot by those three pirates were priceless, especially Zoro's...hehehe

Tashigi discovers that she can turn into smoke with her new body but doesn't know how to handle it! Smoker-san wants his body back, he probably doesn't know how to handle Tashigi's knockers..XDXD On a serious note,I don't see Smoker has any chance to fight on his own. Is he going join the Strawhats & Law to fight CC?

I wonder why would Law say that he has a problem taking out CC by himself, unless his crew is captive by CC or Joker!

WTF! Robin can fly now!?!?!? I have to admit that the arrival of Robin, Luffy and Franky by crashing into the ship was epic! " Come out master, we are going to beat you up and kidnap you" you can only expect that from Luffy the Guffy:))

And, finally did anyone notice that Usopp and Sanji are missing from this chapter? Wonder what are they up to!

What did you think of chapter 669?