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Here goes Zori…again with her stupid blog with silly theories!

Recently, I was looking at the ending of thriller bark chapter, and because of Lola I started thinking about Big Mom’s character.

Do you think Big Mom’s character could have been inspired by one of the legend from Greek mythology?

I looked up this Greek legend (Echidna) who was half serpent(lower half) and half human, she was extremely large. According to Greek mythology, she was the mother of all monsters and looks like a monster who was a cannibal and drooled a lot. We haven’t seen Big mom’s whole body yet, her bottom half could be in some type of reptile form. All of Big Mom’s crew members are freaks/monsters and they call her their mom! Judging by her flag, we can see that she loves candies, and it is an important element to her, but there is another important element on her flag, which looks like a tree or leave. I am not sure about her having acid Logia, but it seems like it would be the strongest kind of defense. It would certainly justify Yonko status having that kind of DFP ability.

Is Big Mom really Lola’s mom?

First of all let me say Ew…Who would have had sex with that fat, ugly and acid drooling beast? She probably ate him after that..LOL Anyway, looking back at the ending of Thriller Bark, Lola seems friendly and honorable person VS. Big Mom, she is cruel, unforgiving and doesn’t have morals. I can’t believe she ate her own crew member! Besides, Lola is too small compare to BM (believe me size do matter..wink…wink) Okay...pervyness aside, I don’t believe she is Lola’s mom, but we won’t know for sure, until it is confirmed.

Is Big Mom going to be Luffy's ally or enemy?

May be, Madam Shirely’s prediction has to do with the upcoming fight with Big Mom! I hope the fight won't happen until a few more arcs, by then Luffy will get more powerful and stands a better chance against her,after all she is one of the powerful yonkos! Even Jinbe was concerned that Luffy challenged her, but it would be nice to see Luffy collide with a Yonko and take her down! On the other hand, if Big Mom end up becoming an ally of Strawhats, they have unbelievable possibilities in NW having two Yonkos, (Big mom, Shanks ) on their side plus the WB’s remaining crew!

Please tell me what do you think of these theories?