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    Is Vergo an imposter?!

    September 11, 2012 by Zori9

    Does anyone think this Vergo guy is an imposter? I think Doflamingo was involved with the disappearance and possibly kidnapping of real Vergo! I read the chapters 671 through 680 again and I started thinking may be...this Vergo guy in PH is not the real vice admiral!

    According to the parents of the missing children Vergo was a very gentle marine. In the most recent chapter in flash back we have seen Vergo talking to Smoker about the G-5 marines that shows how much he cares about them! Also, right after Vergo attacked Tashigi, the men of G-5 unit says " Vergo-san never do things like this"! So may be the real Vergo is not a bad guy after all! But mainly I just don't understand what is Law trying to say with " it's not like Vergo has betray…

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  • Zori9

    Chapter 669

    May 31, 2012 by Zori9

    Okay, so I waited the whole day for Neo-chan to do her weekly chapter review, but not show:(

    So, here I go with my crappy writing....

    Loled at the title of the chapter, the word "strategy" does not exist in Luffy's dictionary:)) It was nice to see Vivi again!

    We finally discover what happened to Zoro's group. Does Nami has higher alcohol tolerance, since Sanji woke up first, and took CC's men out? Or does Zoro has higher tolerance, since he was the last one to fall asleep with KYP gas? It is good to see Zoro's sense of direction getting a little better after TS:P Oh! The images of bigfoot by those three pirates were priceless, especially Zoro's...hehehe

    Tashigi discovers that sh…

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  • Zori9

    Here goes Zori…again with her stupid blog with silly theories!

    Recently, I was looking at the ending of thriller bark chapter, and because of Lola I started thinking about Big Mom’s character.

    Do you think Big Mom’s character could have been inspired by one of the legend from Greek mythology?

    I looked up this Greek legend (Echidna) who was half serpent(lower half) and half human, she was extremely large. According to Greek mythology, she was the mother of all monsters and looks like a monster who was a cannibal and drooled a lot. We haven’t seen Big mom’s whole body yet, her bottom half could be in some type of reptile form. All of Big Mom’s crew members are freaks/monsters and they call her their mom! Judging by her flag, we can see that she…

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  • Zori9's Zori again....

    Personally, I don't believe in posting long blogs because I fear you guys will either get bored or fall asleep while reading it and leave without commenting:)) Plus the fact that I can't write as well as some of you smarty pants does give me an excuse. XDXD

    I have been wondering about this for a while, but after seeing how Zoro fights Hody Jones at Ryuugu Palace underwater, I am really curious to know if Zoro's has a fishman ancestry! There isn't much information disclosed about his heritage. Now as we all know, Zoro has shown some interesting abilities over the course of the series, he possesses skills far greater than a normal human. Isn't it amazing how Zoro manages to survive so many deadly battles w…

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  • Zori9

    Hello Everyone,
    It's Zori here:))
    I am a new member of this wiki. This is my very first blog and my "Inglish" is not as good as some of you here so please be good to me. I am interested in knowing everything and anything about One Piece. I watched 500 plus episodes in the past few months in order to catch up, so I feel like I missed out on a lot of details and this is why I am re watching it.

    This blog is about Strawhats crew's immediate family members whereabouts. As we all know, our Strawhats have had a sad past, and some of them have had a really horrible childhood. Now with the exception of the family members who are already part of One Piece storyline, do you think we will ever find out about the rest of the family members of the Strawh…

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