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  • Zhonke

    I could not help but notice but Zoro hasn't really have any big time fights since the new world adventure began...why is that? it's so unfair hahaha but seriously i wanna see him sweat and bleed a little... is it just me or is the new animation of One Piece kinda dull? i think after the sabaody arc the animation epicness(haha im making my own word here sorry bout that) drop a bit....hmmmmm.

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  • Zhonke


    December 28, 2011 by Zhonke

    I think we should all thank this year for yet another great year of OP..KUDOS to Oda for ending OP with a BANG, obviously Episode 651 was an uberly-exciting one to say the least ..Can't wait for next year and watch it in the anime woohoo it's gonna be an epic one SHP vs BMP!!!

    one more thing do you guys think Luffy will become one of the yonko if he defeats Big Mam???

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  • Zhonke

    The casualty Dragon brought with him to be treated was Sabo, Well that's what I think Here are the reasons why?

    1.Dragon watched the Celestial Ceremony.

    2.Sabo was the only clear casualty during the occasion.

    3.Dragon saw something in Sabo when they met before.

    4.Sabo's as tough as they come heck even being blown like that there's a chance he escaped.

    5.Sabo being alive will be good for the story. Idealistic but at the same time its possible..

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  • Zhonke

    I don't know if anyone already made a blog similar to mine but there's a great chance so i would like to clear it to you all that i didn't copy this BLOG up..

    i think i know where oda get the idea of haki from...

    have you ever watched star wars?? i was just watching the whole series today because i kinda missed star wars and i forgot some of the storyline of it.. then something came up to me and that was the similarity between the haki in OP and the force in Star Wars it's very similar that you can't tell the difference i think it's ONE AND THE SAME..look kenbunshoku/mantra -when someone dies their prescence were detected by the user of the force/haki

    busoshoku- the invisible force that can be either weild as a shield or a penetrating force


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  • Zhonke

    Shakky chwaan

    May 29, 2011 by Zhonke

    Random questions>>??

    What are your thought about Miss Shakky? What's her real history??

    What is her relationship with the Dark King ??Is she his daughter? or even A lover perhaps? (smirk)

    any guesses

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