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  • Zetman SeiwaGenji

    Hi guys, I think I've got quite an interesting topic for you all to think about.

    If the following characters were in the Marines, what rank do you think they would hold? (a short explanation of your answear would be great)

    Remember to consider leadership qualities, perceptiveness, intelligence etc. as well as strength!

    1. The monster trio of the strawhat pirates (Although if you wish to rank the remaining members then feel free!)

    2. Buggy the Clown 

    3. Gin (from Don Krieg's crew)

    4. Sir Crocodile

    5. Enel

    6. Montblanc Noland (On the basis that they were born in the present era)

    7. "Great Warrior of Cyandia" Karugara (Same as above)

    8. Rob Lucci 

    NB Note that to be ranked Vice-Admiral above then the ability to use Haki is essential Looking forward to se…

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