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  • Zero62422002

    Logia + Reject Dial

    January 22, 2012 by Zero62422002

    If a Logia user couldn't be harm by anything but haki users then wouldn't it be truely invincible if a logia user has a reject dial and is wearing Kairoseki shoes like Wiper did. It wouldn't matter if your opponent's ability is superior to yours or not because you'll kill your opponent like wiper did to enel.

    For example, when Ace was fighting Akainu. If Ace was wearing Kairoseki shoes and had a reject dial with him, he could have killed Akainu without any side effects from the dial.

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  • Zero62422002

    This is what I think the future episodes are gonna based on.

    One Piece Episode 513 - Ch 595 Pg 1-8 September 4th

    One Piece Episode 514 - Ch 595 Pg 9-16 Ch 596 Pg 1-8 September 11th

    One Piece Episode 515 - Ch 596 Pg 9-19 Ch 597 Pg 1-6 September 18th

    One Piece Episode 516 - Ch 597 Pg 7-16 September 25th

    One Piece New World Episode 517 - Ch 598 October 2nd

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  • Zero62422002

    Sakazuki- Fleet Admiral

    Borsalino- Admiral Kizaru

    Kuzan- Admiral Aokiji

    Smoker- Admiral

    Tashigi- Vice Admiral

    Coby- Rear Admiral

    Buggy- Shichibukai

    Eustass Kid- Shichibukai

    Drake X.- Underlings of Kaido

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  • Zero62422002

    Kuma vs Kizaru

    October 16, 2010 by Zero62422002
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  • Zero62422002

    I think the strongest Pacifistas should be able use these:

    Pika Pika no Mi from their mouth

    Goro Goro no Mi from their fingers

    Hie Hie no Mi from the palm of their hands

    Magma based Devil Fruit from their fists

    What do you think the strongest combinations should be?

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