• Zayzay8008

    Any new theories?

    March 19, 2015 by Zayzay8008

    Just wondering if anyone has had/heard anynew theories since Dressrosa stated. There is the Doflamingo one where he is blind in his left eye(sorry cant remember the site I heard it from :/ but the evidence was amazing.) 

    Personally I have one about the one of the three ancient weapons and Noah 

    I think that the reason Noah was created was to counter Pluton's furry. Since the OP world is mostly water it would be reasonable. Also since the weapons were created it can be assumed that there we counter measures created as well. We have seen the size of Noah and the amount of damage it can withstand during Luffy's battle on board and around it. We know that Noah was a failed attempt to go to the surface, and that Posideons power is needed for it t…

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