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The title says it all, but I'll explain a bit. I'm curious for your do's and dont's in One Piece!

You might think One Piece is all about epicness, but what was your most epic moment? What do you think is the greatest chapter and what is the best episode in history of One Piece?

Maybe you think Oda has done some stuff in the last 14 years of awesomeness, that he better shouldn't have done. Maybe you don't like a story arc or just a character. Tell us about it!

My do's:

  • Moment: Robin struggles against Spandam on the bridge of hesitation as they say: I'm still alive! But you're going to die!
  • Chapter: Chapter 513, the chapter covering the seperation of the Strawhats.
  • Episode: Episode 234, I believe, Usopp and Luffy in their moonlight quarrel.

My don'ts:

  • Taking such long breathing-breaks during fights (especially annoying during the anime).