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Title: The Ninth

Coverpage: Gan Fall land the tribeleader of the Shandians walking on Vearth, with Pierre behind them.

P. 1

* ?: I thank you, Strawhat.

-Luffy opens up his eyes slowly, grinning and falling back asleep-

* ?: We’ll take you back to your friends.

* Fukaboshi: Shirahoshi!

* Seaking 1: We’ll place Noah right underneath the island, prince.

* Fukaboshi: Wh… Uh… Thank you.

* Ryuboshi: Brother, the Ammo Knights are coming.

P. 2

* MotL: What luck those Seakings came! Strawhat wouldn’t have made it on his own, I fear.

* AK 1: What should we do, sir?

* Fukaboshi: Care for the wounded! My brothers and sister need medical attention!

* Manboshi: But you yourself are damaged too!

* Fukaboshi: Don’t worry brother, we’re still alive. All of us.

* AK 2: Let’s go men!


P. 3

* Nami: I’m glad that’s over.

-Chopper shrunk back to his normal size-

* Chopper: Where did Luffy fall?

* Franky: The whale is coming.


* Neptune: Take care of young Strawhat please.

* Usopp: Oh man, that’s a serious wound!

P. 4

* Brook: Well, nothing Chopper-san can’t handle!

* Chopper: That won’t make me feel happy, you bastard! –dances-

* Sanji: He lost pretty much blood.

* Chopper: That’s not your place to say! –slaps him on his head-

-Citizens are heading for the plaza, lots of NFP-minors are being apprehended by Ammo Knights-

* Zoro: You can heal his wounds, can you Chopper?

* Chopper: I’ll try, but this will need some stitching.

P. 5

* Neptune: Jinbe, I knew could count on you.

* Jinbe: If it wasn’t for these pirates, we’d be in the clutches of Hody’s gang.

* Neptune: I know…

* Jinbe: I’m going away again, king. I promised Luffy-san I’d be waiting here for him, and I fulfilled that promise. It’s nothing like me to stay here. I’ll become a pirate once again.

* Neptune: I see. Are you leaving with Strawhat-san?

-Jinbe smiles and walks away in Luffy’s direction.

P. 6

- 3 days later-

* Shirahoshi: Are you okay, Luffy-sama?

* Luffy: Yeah, no worries.

* Shirahoshi: Thank you.


- The crew and Jinbe walk further-

* Luffy: Jinbe…

* Jinbe: I know, you’ll get your huge steak.

* Luffy: Already ate nine, but no. I wanted to ask you something.

P. 7/8

* Luffy: Will you become my nakama?

* Jinbe: Luffy-kun…

* Sanji: Wait Luffy, no! Ask Shirahoshi-sama!

* Zoro: Perv-cook.

-Epic Sanji/Zoro battle in the background-

* Luffy: Will you?

* Jinbe: I… Already am your nakama Luffy-kun.

P. 9

* Luffy: Great! Franky, are we ready to go?

* Franky: We’re SUPERRR ready to go, thanks to Den.

* Den: Not a problem, at all.

* Keimi: Luffy-san, have a safe trip!

* Nami: Pappug!

* Pappug: Oh I will miss you too Orange! –tries to dramatically hug her-

* Nami: -hits him- No, I want coupons!

* Usopp: GREEEDY!

P. 10

* Keimi: Thank you for everything Luffy-sama! Take care!

* Luffy: You too! See ya’!

-the Sunny riding on the waves towards the exit-

* Robin: (thinking: Who were you, Joyboy…)

* Franky: Nami, are we ready!

* Nami: Yes!

* Luffy: Alright you guys! Le-

* ?: Wait!

P. 11/12

-the Royal Gondola blocks the exit-

* Fukaboshi: Strawhat!

* Robin: It’s the princes!

* Brook: Yoho, maybe the princess wanted to show her panties to me after all!


* Franky: Oh you, stop complimenting me!

* Nami: I wasn’t addressing you!

-Luffy jumps on top of the lion’s head-

P. 13

* Manboshi: That was one hack of a party!

-flashback starts-

-all citizens and Strawhats and the royal family are celebrating, cheering, yelling and making music-

* Brook: BONE!

*Citizens: TO BE WILD!

* Franky: Yeah! SUPERguitar! –takes out his pink guitar-

*Usopp and Chopper: YEAH!

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