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Yountoryuu: Chapter 617

Yountoryuu February 28, 2011 User blog:Yountoryuu

Title: 400,000,000

Cover Page: Mayor of Orange town and an angry mob looking at a newspaper.

P. 1

  • Sanji: Are you feeling well?
  • Chopper: You're lucky these arrows aren't stuck so deep Hacchi!
  • Hatchan: Nyuu~ thank you reindeer-san. It still hurts, but your herbs really help.
  • Chopper: Glad to hear that, just take some rest.
  • Sanji: We need to go for the Forest of the Sea, take care Hatchan!
  • Chopper: SANJI!
  • Sanji: I just want to give the Mermaid Princess perverted looks.
  • Chopper: You never change do you!

P. 2

  • Den: It'll take about three days for your ship to be coated Franky.
  • Franky: I know, but try your fastest, please!
  • Den: I'll do it with a Don!

Luffy and Shirahoshi land next to the Sunny Go.

  • Megalo: Shaa Shaa!
  • Den: Princess Shirahoshi! You're out of the tower!
  • Franky: Strawhat-san, who is this gorgeous mermaid?
  • Luffy: I picked this boring mermaid from the palace.
  • Den/Franky: What?!
  • Shirahoshi: You know, Luffy. Its really free out here. I feel like I'm alive for the first time since a decade. I really want to thank you Luffy-sama.

Luffy smiles.

P. 3

  • Franky: Luffy, we'll be able to go to the New World in three days.
  • Den: Maybe sooner.
  • Luffy: Great!
  • Shirahoshi: Will you already be leaving us Luffy-sama?
  • Luffy: Don't you go crying, you little crybaby!
  • Den: Is this the 400,000,000 million pirate captain, the star of the war on the summit and the one who chimed the bell 16 times, the son of revolutionairy Dragon?
  • Franky: 400,000,000?
  • Luffy: Yosh! It went up again!
  • Shirahoshi: Are you criminal Luffy-sama?!
  • Luffy: Kinda -smiles-

P. 4

  • Zoro: Usopp, cover Keimi and Pappug, we're heading out~!
  • Usopp: Gotcha!

Keimi and Pappug are lead by Brook and Usopp as they head for the main corridor.

  • Usopp: Hissatsu: Shidi Demon!
  • Zoro: Santoryuu: Oni Giri!

Lots of villains fall to the ground and Zoro makes his way to Neptune.

P. 5

  • Neptune: We'll be in grave danger if you let me chained here!
  • Zoro: I know, come with me!

Zoro cuts through the chains and Neptune is released, just like his guards.

  • Nami: Keimi, let's go!
  • MotL: Pirate Hunter, help us, please.
  • Neptune: We must fight, we'll lose the royal crown if we don't!
  • Zoro: Cut the control or they'll cut of your head! Come with me king, you'll get you palace back.
  • Jones: Already leaving, how boring.

P. 6

  • Brook: Gavotte an Bond Avant!
  • Nami: Thunderlance Tempo!

All goons in their way are defeated and they're closing the main corridor.

  • Brook: Usopp-san and Zoro-san are trapped now! Why'd you do it?!
  • Nami: They'll be alright, we just can have Keimi-chan in the midst of all this fighting, the government might see her as a suspect. Same goes for Pappug.
  • Pappug: You guys...
  • Nami: It's alright, Usopp will be fine.
  • Brook: Zoro will defeat them, I'm sure.

P. 7

  • Jinbe: Shirahoshi?! Princess! What are you doing outside the castle?!
  • Shirahoshi: Jinbe-sama! I came here with... well...
  • Jinbe: Luffy-kun!
  • Luffy: Jinbe!
  • Franky: It's the ex-shichibukai!
  • Jinbe: Princess-sama, you need to get back to the castle! You're to vulnerable here!

Vander Decken comes flying in.

  • That's what I thought! I think.

P. 8

  • Luffy: Who's this four-legged freak?!
  • Den: He's Vander Decken IX! The most wanted criminal of all Fishman Island!
  • IX: I'm not here for you Strawhat, I'm here to claim my loved one, I guess.
  • Shirahoshi: Luffy-sama, help me!
  • Jinbe: Gyojin Karate: Hiken!

Vander Decken IX is blasted next to the grave of Queen Otohime.

  • Jinbe: You should leave this place.
  • Luffy: I just met you again!
  • Jinbe: You'll crush the grave of Queen Otohime! Luffy-san, I beg of you... Leave!
  • Shirahoshi: No! We won't leave! Luffy and I just made it here to see my mothers grave! You won't bud in!
  • Jinbe: Mermaid Princess... I apologize.
  • IX: But if you're willing too, you can leave at all times. In a nick of time there'll be five more graves to be dug.
  • Luffy: Are you challengin me?

P. 9

  • IX: That's what I might just be doing, I guess.
  • Luffy: You shall not claim Shirahoshi, you'll not destroy that precious grave and will not endanger Fishman Island anymore!
  • IX: Bahohohohohoho! We'll see.
  • Luffy: Gomu Gomu no... Ono! Stamp! Muchi! Pistol!
  • IX: It's not so hard to evade all those weak attacks.

Vander Decken IX throws the coral toward Shirahoshi.

P. 10

  • Luffy: Jet Pistol!

The coral shatters and Luffy guards Shirahoshi.

  • Luffy: Jet Bullet!
  • IX: What?!

Vander Decken is blown into the ground.

  • Luffy: Franky, take the others with the Sunny into town, escape this cemetary. I promise you, we'll come back Shirahoshi!
  • IX: She will not escape!
  • Luffy: Jet Stamp! Jet Bazooka! Jet Twin Pistol! Jet Rocket!
  • IX: Aaaarhgh!!
  • Luffy: She will escape. Just fight me, Vander Decken!

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