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Coverpage: Koshiro looking into the sunset as students fight with woodenswords around him.

Title: Whaleshark

P. 1

  • Brook: Luffy-san! What are you doing?!
  • MotR: Strawhat! You can't do that! You can't steal the princess' pet!
  • Luffy: Shut up! I'm not stealing it!
  • Brook: What? That's...
  • MotR: That's princess Shirahoshi!
  • Brook: Does she have panties on?
  • MotL: Silence, pervert!
  • Luffy: We're heading for the Forest of the Sea! Brook, head there once everyone is gathered! I put you in charge!
  • Shirahoshi: -What bravery-
  • MotL: -I should warn the king at once!-
  • Brook: Roger, Luffy-san!

P. 2

  • Nami: So we need to upgrade this pose to get into the New World?
  • MotR: Or you can buy the newer version. It costs around 250,000 beli.
  • Nami: So... We need to upgrade this pose to get into the New World?
  • Usopp: You said that already! -with a comedic smack-
  • Neptune: Minister of the Right, I'm afraid my daughter is hurt. How can we unchain ourselves?
  • Zoro: You won't, not until we have our crew gathered.
  • Usopp: Oi, old man, you're hands are free, right?
  • Neptune: Yup.
  • Usopp: Let's play a game of card then, shall we?

Usopp and Pappug sit down and get out some cards.

Brook hurries his way up to the hall everyone is gathering.

P. 3

  • Brook: Everyone, we need to hurry to the Forest of the Sea!
  • Zoro: Isn't that were Jinbe resides?
  • Usopp: That prince clearly said so, why do we need to go?
  • Nami: Treasure?
  • Zoro: Can you think of anything else?
  • Brook: It's Luffy..! He is heading there right now with-
  • MotR: Oh boy oh boy! This will go wrong!
  • Neptune: No! Don't you humans understand what you've done?! My precious daughter is vulnerable for attacks of Vander Decken! No! Damn you pirates!
  • MotR: Sir... Another thing. Pirates blasted into the Shelltower and are getting up, they're ionfiltrating your palace!

P. 4

  • Neptune: Unchain me Zori! This is of high importance, my daughter and palace are in grave danger!
  • Zoro: Even if its about life and death... Not until we are gathered again will you see the outside world.
  • Usopp: Zoro! How can you say something like this?!
  • Zoro: Shut up Usopp. We can't just stop, even this whole event happened unintentionally.
  • Nami: He's right Zoro! You should've asked for a million beli!
  • Usopp: Oi oi oi, that wasn't the point I was trying to make at all.
  • Neptune: Zori, please... Can't you make an exception?
  • Zoro: IT'S ZORO!
  • Brook: Zoro-san, we need to go anyway. Franky and Robin are still missing and we need to find them.
  • Nami: Yeah! We'll find them earlier then the prince.
  • Zoro: I know that, but we cannot just head out of Fishman Island to meet up with Luffy! Sunny is yet to be coated!
  • Usopp: He's right... We're heading for Mermaid Café, where Chopper and Sanji are!

P. 5

Neptune and the two ministers are looking at eachother.

  • Brook: The pantyfan can come loose. I'll take him to the forest of the sea with me.
  • Nami: We could really use more info on our Log Pose!
  • Zoro: Okay, we'll meet up at Mermaid Café in an hour Nami. We'll get to the Sea Forest when we're all back.
  • Brook/Nami: Okay.
  • Usopp: Follow me Pappug!
  • Neptune: And me? Untie me from this Hell!
  • Usopp: Zoro...
  • Keimi: Zoro-chin, you can't just keep ahold of our king!
  • Pappug: Those pirates are coming!
  • Neptune: Please Zori...

P. 6

  • Sanji: There are coming more guards of the royal palace!
  • Chopper: We need to find the others and get the heck out of here!

Megalo and Luffy suddenly floats with high speed over Mermaid Café. Sanji and Chopper notice.

  • Chopper: Did you see that? It was the shark Luffy saved from Surume!
  • Sanji: You're right, but where's it heading... And why was Luffy on it?

Sanji stops a civilian running by.

  • Sanji: What are you running from?
  • Chopper: And where is that shark going?

The civilian looks behind and sighs.

  • Civilian: Pirates have entered the royal palace... It's a madhouse..! You should run... Follow that shark...
  • Sanji: Where does that bring us?

Chopper notices lots of merfolk running away.

  • Civilian: To the Forest of the Sea!

P. 7

  • Shirahoshi: Luffy-san... We're almost here... Are you not scared?
  • Megalo: Shaa Shaa!
  • Luffy: I'm going to be Pirate King, nothing scares me!
  • Shirahoshi: Wow... That's adventurous Luffy...
  • Luffy: I can't wait to meet up with the others and go to the New World...
  • Shirahoshi: Luffy... Are you sure you can endure the second half of the Grand Line?
  • Luffy: Of course!

P. 8

Zoro and Usopp arrive at Mermaid Café, meeting up with Sanji and Chopper.

  • Zoro: Chopper, perverted eyebrow, we need to get to the Sea Forest!
  • Sanji: Who are you calling perverted, green coral head!
  • Chopper: We're heading there too.
  • Sanji: Luffy's heading there.
  • Usopp: We know, he's heading there with the Mermaid Princess.
  • Sanji: WWHHAAAATT??~~!!! I'LL KILL HIM!
  • Zoro: Jealous beardbrow.
  • Usopp: That doesn't sound insulting at all.
  • Sanji: We're heading for Forest of the Sea!!

P. 9

Shirahoshi is out of Megalo again and she closely walks next to Luffy.

  • Megalo: Shaa Shaa!
  • Luffy: We're here. so what do you want to do?
  • Shirahoshi: I just want to lie between coral, walk over grass and feel the light of Eva on my skin...
  • Luffy: Well... That sounds boring. You're no fun.
  • Shirahoshi: Really?
  • Luffy: You would definetly make a bad crewmember [Sticks tongue out]
  • Shirahoshi: [Teary eyed] Are you serious?
  • Megalo: Shaa Shaa Shaa!
  • Luffy: Stop it! [Uses Haoshoku Haki to calm down Megalo]
  • Shirahoshi: What did you do? You calmed him down without a fight...
  •  ?: I knew Rayleigh-san would make you stronger...

P. 10

  • Luffy: Hmm?
  • Shirahoshi: It's the Knight of the Sea!
  • Luffy: JINBE!
  • Jinbe: Luffy-kun! Long time no see!
  • Luffy: I've missed you!
  • Shirahoshi: You know him, Luffy?
  • Luffy: Of course! Jinbe helped me during Ace's passing!
  • Jinbe: It's been awhile... I'm glad to see you're okay. I'm glad you got my message.
  • Luffy: Message?

P. 11

  • Jinbe: Yeah, that I've been waiting for you at the Forest of the Sea.
  • Shirahoshi: My brother told you, didn't they?
  • Luffy: Nope, they only chased after us.
  • Jinbe: I left a message for you with the princes. Two messages to be exact.
  • Luffy: What is the second one?

P. 12

  • Nami: So you're saying that we need this pose to the mechanic of the island?
  • MotL: Oh boy, that's what I'm saying.
  • Nami: Get me there, right away! I need to get somewhere else too!
  • MotL: Will you unlock king Neptune's key then?
  • Nami: I don't have the key, Brook has it!


  • Brook: Are we there yet?
  • MotR: Almost... That captain of yours is dangerous.
  • Brook: I know. That's what I like about him. He's so adventurous!

P. 13

  • Luffy: So I can't fight Hodi Jones? Who is Hodi Jones?
  • Shirahoshi: He's the nemesis of this kingdom!
  • Jinbe: He's the son of Arlong, he's Black Strider of the Ocean: Hodi Jones!
  • Luffy: What is he up to? Why can't I fight him?
  • Jinbe: He's far more dangerous, he has a bounty of 69,000,000, but his pills make him far stronger then that...
  • Luffy: I don't care, if his defeat causes this kingdom to stand... Then I'll put my life on the for you!!