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From the Decks of the World Vol. 2 Newspapers reach the Strawhats' hometowns.


P. 1

  • Keimi: Pappug, help!
  • Pappug: Keimi!
  • Nami: Usopp, shoot that guard!
  • Pappug: Just you wait Keimi, I'll save you..!
  • Usopp: Hissatsu Midori Boshi, Devil!

P. 2

The guard holding Keimi falls down and Keimi runs towards Pappug.

  • Brook: You won't attack them!

Another guard is slashed, and Brook overtowers Keimi and Pappug, defendig their lives.

  • Usopp: Hissatsu Midori Boshi, Black Eagle!

Two guards are shot and fall down the stairs.

P. 2

  • Zoro: You're pretty tough, for an old guy.
  • Neptune: You're quite the strong one, for such a young guy.
  • Zoro: Santoryuu, Tora Gari!

Neptune evades the attack and swipes his trident sideways towards Zoro. He jumps back.

  • Zoro: Damn it. Santoryuu, Oni Giri!

Neptune blocks with his trident and suddenly starts using his fist.

  • Neptune: You're too fast with swords... I'll take you with blunt force!

P. 3

  • Zoro: No way! Santoryuu, To Ro Nagashi!

Neptune takes the hit on the fist. He childishly puts his finger in his mouth.

  • Zoro: What?
  • Neptune: That hurt!
  • Usopp: Is he serious?

Three guards jump slashingly toward Usopp, but...

  • Nami: Usopp, duck! Cyclone Tempo!

P. 4

Usopp ducks and sees Nami jumping over him, taking down the three guards.

  • Brook: Keimi-chan, I'll take you out of here! Pappug, follow us. Usopp-kun, help me out!
  • Usopp: Gotcha! Hissatsu Tenryuu Boshi!
  • Nami: I'll follow you, Brook!

Nami and Brook lead Keimi and Pappug out, Usopp covers them.

  • Neptune: You won't pass near here!

Neptune's trident blocks the exit.

P. 5

  • Usopp: Hissatsu, Midori Boshi Sargasso!

Neptune's arm is covered in seaweed and it pulls him towards the wall.

  • Zoro: Santoryuu, Gazami Dori!

Neptunes trident is cut in two.

  • Zoro: Santoryuu, Karasuma Gari!
  • Neptune: Wait, no!

Neptune is cut in his chest, and he falls unconsious back to the wall.

P. 6

  • Zoro: Where'd did those two go to?
  • Usopp: They escaped... We should go too!
  • Zoro: You're right... Is Luffy still here?
  • Usopp: Yeah, but he'll be fine on his own. Lets get out of here!
  • Zoro: Hm.

Usopp goes down the stairs, Zoro walks into a room.

  • Zoro: Hmm. Are you sure?

Zoro runs towards the stairs and together they leave behind the room full of unconscious guards.

P. 6

  • Shirahoshi: It's so beautiful out here! I've missed the smell of coral in the evening!
  • Luffy: It smells great! You know what smells even better? Meat!
  • Shirahoshi: You said you already ate before coming down here.
  • Luffy: I'm hungry... I wish Sanji would be here to cook something.
  • Shirahoshi: Sanji?
  • Luffy: He's my nakama. He's the cook on my pirateship. He almost died today.
  • Shirahoshi: What?! You should go see him!
  • Luffy: I'm leading you, and you can't come...
  • Shirahoshi: Why? What's wrong with me?
  • Luffy: He'll bleed again and might be on the verge of death, again.

P. 7

  • MotL: Where's king Neptune?! His daughter is gone!
  • Ammo Knight: He might be with those pirates! They attacked most of our guards.
  • MotL: What?! What happened?!
  • MotR: They probably attacked the pirates.
  • MotL: Are they still fighting? We need to hurry!
  • Ammo Knight: Yes sir!

P. 8

  • Neptune: Guards, help me get loose!
  • MotL: Sir, where did the pirates go?
  • Neptune: Prisoner Pirate Hunter broke out and his fellow crewmates escaped the palace!

Neptune is loose and stretches his arm.

  • MotR: What happened to your trident?
  • Neptune: Zori cut it, I'm sure my sons will arrive before they leave the palace.
  • MotL: What? They're still inside?! We've gotta hurry!

P. 9

  • Decken: I can wait, I think. Bahohohoho!

Decken throws a spiked bat in the air.

  • Decken: The princess will love me, I think.
  • Jones: What? Why did you throw that away?
  • Decken: I ate the Mato Mato no Mi, I'm a target fishman. Everything I touch becomes my target, and I won't be able to miss them. Bahohohoho!
  • Dosun: Dosun dosun! That's why you put on that glove.
  • Zeo: Sounds reasonable...

P. 10

  • Dosun: Boss, what are we waiting for?!
  • Jones: Dosun, Ikaros. Get Hammond and the others. We'll head for Ryugu Palace when they're here!
  • Dosun: Dosun dosun! Let's go Ikaros.
  • Ikaros: Hmm...

Ikaros and Dosun leave the scene.

  • Decken: Let me gather my crew, they're waiting outside Noah.
  • Jones: Hurry up, partner.
  • Decken: Alright.

Decken leaves the scene. Daruma and Zeo get up from the couch and stand next to Jones.

  • Jones: Prepare the ship men! Zeo, Daruma, prepare to fight!

P. 11

  •  ?: Strawhat Luffy!
  • Shirahoshi: Huh?

Luffy turns around, and looks up to a cliff. Light makes his silhouette impossible to read.

  • Luffy: Who are you?!
  •  ?: Don't be impatient! Let's meet at the mermaid café before nightfall! I need to speak to you!
  • Shirahoshi: Do you know him, Luffy-san?
  • Luffy: I remember that voice from somewhere...

P. 12

The silhouette jumps out of view, and Luffy tries to catch up.

  • Shirahoshi: Wait, Luffy-san! Don't leave me!

Luffy reflexative jumps back and sees a spiked bat going for Shirahoshi.

  • Shirahoshi: Help!
  • Luffy: Gomu Gomu no Ono!

Luffy knocks the bat into the water.

P. 13

  • Shirahoshi: Thank you, Luffy-san! You saved my life again!
  • Luffy: I promised you to keep you from getting killed.
  • Shirahoshi: Right, fufufu.

-scene change: Mermaid Café-

  • Sanji: I'm glad we've gone shopping, I can finally make diner for us two.
  • Chopper: I hope we see Robin of Brook fast!
  • Sanji: Haaah Robin-chwaan!
  •  ?: You really know how to compliment a guy!

P. 14

  • Chopper: Huh? Who's that?
  • Sanji: Franky! Are you alright? Where are Nami-swan and Robin-chwan?! Tell me!!
  • Franky: I don't know, but Robin went her way and Nami the other.
  • Chopper: What were you doing?

Suddenly, an explosion causes a smoke- and airblow at the back of the Mermaid Café.

P. 15

  • Shirahoshi: Wow, that mace was really close!
  • Luffy: That guy throwing them ia real annoyance!
  • Franky: Strawhat! You almost killed us!
  • Luffy: Ah. Sorry Franky. Sanji! How're you doing.

Sanji keeps two fingers in his nose.

  • Chopper: He can't speak, he'll cough up blood!
  • Luffy: That's right, princess. You should get back!
  • Chopper: Is that the Mermaid Princess?! How did you get to meet her?!
  • Luffy: We crossed paths...

P. 16

  • Usopp: There are the Brook and Nami!
  • Nami: Hm? Brook, we've got company.
  • Brook: Great, we're all getting out now!
  • Nami: Pappug, do you remember the way out? You come here more often, right?
  • Brook: Well, Pap-
  • Pappug: Ssssssh Bones. Sure, we need to go left here.
  • Usopp: Zoro-kun, let's head left.

Zoro goes right, Usopp slaps his head and scolds him for his poor sense of direction.

P. 17

  • Keimi: Nami-chin, I see the main gate!
  • Pappug: -wow, what luck!-
  • Nami: Just down these stairs...
  • Brook: Keimi-san, I can't carry you anymore...
  • Keimi: I'll walk this part myself!
  • Nami: Wait, Keimi-chan, we need to wait for the other two!
  • Zoro: Lets go.

P. 18

  • Usopp: I hear voices upstairs! They're following us!
  • Zoro: If you keep running, they won't catch you!
  • Usopp: Nami! Keep going, they're after us!
  • Nami: What? Neptune is following us, Brook. You need to carry Keimi further!

Usopp and Zoro catch up.

  • Usopp: Keimi, get on my back!
  • Zoro: Hmf.

P. 19

  • Brook: The gate! How do we open it?!
  • Pappug: We need the key!
  • Zoro: Where do we get it?

The door comes flying in, everybody ducks. Zoro cuts the door coming at him in half.

  • Usopp: Who's there?!
  • Neptune: Sons!
  • Fukaboshi: We're here to catch the Strawhat Pirates!