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Hi guys. I tried to post this blog a couple of hours ago. Somehow, my editing powers were taken away from by my old computer, so I tried again on my dads new laptop. You see the results, it worked. If this happens to you, try it on another computer. (Thank you DancePowderer! You saved the day!) For the main reason of this SBS, I hope you guys remember that I've been running a blog for SBS question, which you could ask to Oda and which I would write for you editors. I've decided, take a look!

  • 1. You must be rich since Nami allowed you to draw her especially for "hot" scenes. How much do you pay her to get her permission? P.N. FoolishMortalFOOL
  • 2. What would happen to Franky if he was given Red Bull instead of Cola? P.N. Nubescout
  • 3. This question is a bit weird (and quite old)... I'd like to know if Zoro still has his debt to Nami (the B 300,000 debt he got in Lougetown) or if he got a new one and if anyone else has one to Nami. P.N. Leviathan89
  • 4. I'd like to know how the Straw Hats spend a typical peaceful day (and night) on the Sunny. P.N. Leviathan89
  • 5. If East Blue is the weakest of the four seas, what are the rankings of the other three? P.N. Attribute
  • 6. Gooood Moooorning Odacchi! Wake up, brush your teeth and do the SBS! Please reveal the names and descriptions of all the devil fruit abilities that have been shown but not yet named, like the supernovas', and Marco, Jozu, and other Whitebeard pirates commanders and New World pirates. P.N. Junaid-Sennin
  • 7. What are the names of all the Devil Fruits used by the 11 Supernovas? P.N. DancePowderer
  • 8. How long is Usopp's nose? P.N. FireFist553
  • 9. Hello there Oda, long time reader, first time writer. I would like to know, should there be a time when luffy is defeated, is it possible for the rest of his nakama come to his aid and manage to defeat his opponent? Guess not? oh well. P.N. T-Drag
  • 10. Where did Kuma send PX-1 to? P.N. The Big Croc

They will be put in the mailbox tomorrow morning! If you asked a question and one is not in it, sorry! I thought these were the best so I'll send only these ones.

See ya'!