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What If...? The Stories to be Told

Yountoryuu September 10, 2011 User blog:Yountoryuu

Hi people! It's been awhile since I've been really busy on the Wikia. But I hope that'll change, I want to create more What If?'s for you to kill time with. I was happy to hear that the Whitebeard War Story was well received, so I'm going to try make some more, all related to the One Piece story ofcourse. I already thought of some, but comments giving me great ideas to write will be added to the list. The list as of now is as follows:

  • Death of a God: What if Enel got killed by Wyper's reject dial? Will he accept the Blue Sea people to steal their gold or...?

Yeah, that was the list. I suck... But please, if you can think of a good story to be told, tell me :D I'll gladly make a story out of it. So, do your best because this is all my best means...

Please comment (:

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