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I dont want to start of on the wrong foot with this competition, but missing my big prediction of last night (which failed to appear), I don't want to make another. Instead, to show my good will I'll make a little summary of what I predict to happen. Bare with me that it won't be as big as the following weeks. There's no need to rate this one yet, but please comment on Black Leg Sanji's great prediction!

Walking along a rocklike cliff/beach, Luffy smells meat (from a restaurant). Explained by Keimi that it's the best restaurant in town they'll head there. Franky joins up with the four and Keimi. As Caribou manages to make it to the restaurant, he threatens the eating Luffy. Talking about eradication and blasphemy -utterly disturbing Luffy who is eating his meal-, Franky and Chopper both try and fight him. Both not able to touch him, Sanji attempts to kick him out of the restaurant as it is an important place. Keimi and Usopp are hiding behind the counter. Sanji runs outside but flies back in. Luffy stands up and walks outside. Scene changes to Luffy and Caribou. Caribou uses a whole arsenal of attacks, only for Luffy to evade and hit him with a Gomu Gomu no Grenade, filled with Busoshoku Haki. After knocking Caribou unconsciousness, the five and Keimi head downwards the cliff.

Hammond makes trouble in Mermaid Cove, telling the mermaids he knows Luffy is over there.

Zoro and Robin meet up with Pappug, only to be thrown out by guards. Pappug then recognizes them -late- and apologizes. Robin starts talking about Keimi and Hatchan, giving Pappug a reason to finally leave his desk and go out with the two.

Brook lies in an ark covered by Sabaody soap, being held captive. Nami is in the prisonjail next to him. Brook starts humming a song, which annoys Nami. Two fishman come and take Nami, taking her to their leader.

Again, my apologies for such a short prediction, but I don't have som much time having homework and all. It feels great letting my imagination run wild in Fishman Island. Dont forget:

* Rate and comment on Black Leg Sanji's prediction please!