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Hi guys! How y'all doing within the break? Hope there aren't too many I'll-Die-If-I-Don't-Get-My-Weekly-Dosis-of-One-Piece diseases. Those will kill you, believe me. Reason for this blog is that I hope you guys didn't forget that I, Yountoryuu, and Black Leg Sanji are holding a competition regarding the soon to come out chapters. Although at the moment there is not need for us to write anything minding the competition since there's no One Piece for another 14 á 15 days. -boooh~~!- Main point, I hope you guys will adore next monday morning (10th of January) as Black Leg Sanji and I will compete again. Hope to see y'all at the comments! Don't forget to rate :D

Monday - Chapter 610 competition - comment - rate

'Monday - Chapter 610 competition - comment - rate'

Did the hypnosis work? No, damn it...

See ya!