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Hi guys! I've seen some editors on the Wiki telling me that they're in a pretty bad condition. Their I-Need-One-Piece-Now-Or-I-Become-A-Shrimp-Fishman disease is acting up extremely! Just about 10 days you guys, we're halfway there - we passed the Red Line! But I was thinking lately, something which never happens, and I thought of appearances of characters after the timeskip. Browsing through my creativity, I thought of abilities and differences in appearances with the Eleven Supernova's! Bare with me 'cuz I too have an INOPNOIBASF-disease.

  • Eustass Kid: I can imagine him having having a higher range of a magnetic field and being able to control non-metallic things. A change in appearance would be like a scar and other clothes..
  • Basil Hawkins: I think he has upgraded the number of strawbeings he can use to undamage himself, he's capable of bending the percentages of the rates he comes up w/ using his cards, being able grow scarecrows of sorts and let them defend him or attack an enemy. I don't think he has a change in appearance, maybe another outfit.
  • X.Drake: I think he has become capable of using Kami-E to make his dinosaur DF more flexible, he has a ball-and-chain kind of weapon. I guess he has grown a bigger beard/moustache.
  • Trafalgar Law: I guess he grew the size of his room attacks, got a bigger sword and has become capable of seperating parts of himself (think of Buggy). He might have grown his goaty a bit.
  • Scratchmen Apoo: Has a higher number of instruments, powered his attacks up and is able to use anything as an instrument - damaging his opponent. I think he just wears another piece of clothing.
  • Killer: Those twisting blade around his feet, being more agile and being able to cut through everything except diamond and likes. I guess he has another outfit, a cool scar but the same mask.
  • Jewelry Bonney: Prisoners uniform.
  • Capone Bege: Coffin.
  • Urouge: Capable of using two pillars in battle, enlarging his size using that ability, being able to fly/float using his wings (which might have grown too.) His appearance overall might be another wardrobe.

I hope you guys give some real creative answers and enjoy writing it down.

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See ya!