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  • Coverpage: Caribou slips away from the marines onto a boat. The elderly women of the town barricade the marines.
  • Title: News.

P. 1

-Law hangs up on Doflamingo, turning to the party and walking up to Smoker.-

  • Law: He'll give in, being alive is way more important than being a Shichibukai.
  • Smoker: What plan do you have in store now?
  • Law: My crew is waiting for me on Green Bit. 

- Sanji and Zoro meet up with the two.-

  • Smoker: As far as I know, Akainu's planning on taking down all Blackbeard's islands. Green Bit is on the maps so get out quickly. Or don't, your call. I don't care. 
  • G5 1: Smookaaaa-san! Let's get these kids hoooomeeee!

- Smoker turns away, nods towards Law and flies towards his ship.-

  • Sanji: Let's get going, Trafalgar.

P. 2

  • Franky: Which way to go Nami?!
  • Luffy: Let's go that way! It looks fun! -points into a fog with thunder coming out of it.-
  • Nami: NO! -slaps him- I don't know, it's one of the three islands on the log pose I suppose.
  • Law: Here. -throws an eternal pose with Green Bit inscripted on it-
  • Robin: Green Bit?
  • Nami: Isn't that Blackbeard's territory?
  • Law: My crew awaits us there. Let's get going, there isn't much time.

P. 3

  • Baby 5: I can't believe that bastard!
  • DD: Never mind him. I'll be back soon, let me get your bodies back. Personally. -smiles-
  • Buffalo: Thank you, young master!

  • Tashigi: Smoker-san, we'll arrive at the island in twenty minutes! 

-Smokes nods- 

  • Smoker: Let's get these kids prepped to meet their parents! Represent yourself you-good-for-nothing-scum. It's time for a new image! And your going wear! We're going to be just from now on! 

P. 4

- The Strawhats depart the coast of Punk Hazard.-

  • Kinemon: We cannot thank you enough. Not only saving my son and me, but also bringing us home.
  • Luffy: No problem! 
  • Nami: Trafalgar, do we need to haste?

- Law nods no and walks up to the side of the ship and sits on the bow.-

P. 5 to P. 18 is probably just random without any useful info and interactions. So I'm not going to write it. (:

P. 19

  • Doflamingo: That bastard! He fled!
  • ? : Aah man, this brings me back.

- a mysterious man jumps of a giant seagul-

  • Doflamingo: Whaaat? What is such a man doing here! 
  •  ?: Ararararara. I'm looking for the Strawhat Pirates.

- you see the silhouette of a leg in the foreground. Behind it is Doflamingo.-

  • Doflamingo: The Strawhat Pirates hmm? Interesting.