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Title: Communicating Marine HQ

Cover: Kokoro, Chimney en Gonbe at Blue Station, with a train passing by.

P. 1

  • Citizens: WHAT?!
  • Minister of the Left: Are you insane Strawhat?!
  • Big Mom: Hmf, I like it. Tamago, Bocoms!

-Luffy walks back to Zoro and Sanji-

  • Big Mom: Make sure these two don't leave the island.
  • Baron: Mama-soir?
  • Big Mom: I'm on my way. Fyifyifyifyi (it's a laugh)

P. 2

  • Sanji: You're so reckless Luffy!
  • Minister of the Left: Have you gone mad Strawhat!
  • Zoro: She is a Yonko you know.

-Luffy grins and holds up his hat, walking with the treasure bag-

  • Luffy: Don't worry, let's bring Nami the treasure.
  • Bocoms: Monkey D. Luffy! Wait right there! -unsheats sword-
  • Tamago: Your not going anywhere - vous plâit!

P. 3

  • Minister of the Left: Go ahead Strawhat, we'll take them on!
  • Sanji: We'll come back when the treasure is dropped off!

-the Monster Trio heads to the palace-

  • Big Mom: Bobbin, ready the fleet.
  • Bobbin: Mama? Where are you going?
  • Big Mom: Get my candy back.

P. 4

  • Neptune: What?!
  • Nami: How could you do such a thing! And you two should've stopped him! -slaps Sanji and Zoro-
  • Usopp: So... So a Y-Y-Yonko... Is coming?!
  • Luffy: Yup, and I'm going to kick her ass!
  • Nami: So ignorant...
  • Chopper: Where are the guards taking our treasure?
  • Neptune: To your ship, reindeer-sama.
  • Chopper: Being called a reindeer for the first time ever doesn't make me happy, baka! -dances-
  • Usopp: There a bigger concerns Chopper.

P. 5

  • Franky: So, we're owning this island now?
  • Robin: As long as Luffy doesn't get squat like a mosquito, we are.
  • Brook: So dark!
  • Franky: Seems like that's the last of the treasure.
  • Guard 1: It's all there.
  • Guard 2: Thanks again for saving our country!
  • Brook: No biggie!
  • Franky: Not your place to say that!

P. 6

-the other six Strawhats arrive at the Sunny-

  • Zoro: And we're getting up how?
  • Nami: We aren't coated... Franky?
  • Franky: Den told me that if you leave Fishman Island as supposed to be, the entrance creates a bubble around the ship. Are we in a hurry?
  • Luffy: I want to kick her ass! -whisper: and eat her candy-
  • Nami: IS THAT ALL YOU THINK ABOUT?! -slaps-
  • Zoro: Let's go already, I'd like some good slicing before we actually enter the New World.

- Ammo Knights sprint by, running towards the place where Tamago and Bocoms are fighting-

P. 7

  • Sanji: Maybe the faltered?
  • Nami: Who?
  • Sanji: Two of Big Mom's henchmen are fighting the guards.
  • Luffy: Do they need help?
  • Usopp: Just go already!

-the Sunny flies over to the fight-

P. 8

-over Den Den Mushi-

  • Neptune: Are you kidding?!
  • Minister of the Left: No sir... We... Wait... -in the background there are screaming soldiers-
  • Neptune: Hang on! My sons are coming!
  •  ?: Wait there Neptune.
  • Neptune: Hm?
  • Minister of the Left: Sir, listen..! Bocoms and Tamago...
  •  ?: It's Bocoms. You're soldiers are dying. We are here to exterminate this island.
  • Neptune: WHAT?!
  • Bocoms: Will you give up or keep fighting?

-Bocoms yells and is sent flying in the distance-

  • Luffy: Don't worry King, we're here.

P. 8

  • Tamago: So it seems you're back - vous plâit.
  • Sanji: Shut your mouth you scrambbled egg!

- Tamago stamps Sanji, but he evades. Bocoms slices Sanji, but is blocked by Zoro-

  • Zoro: 2 on 1 is unfair.
  • Bocoms: Me against you is unfair too.
  • Zoro: Bite me.

P. 9

  • Tamago: Hmf. What's the problem?
  • Sanji: Nothing.

-Tamago jumps around, pounding the ground, trying to hit Sanji-

  • Sanji: Get away! Diable Jambé ...
  • Tamago: Egg Bomb! -Tamago bombs himself on the ground, creating explosions-

The two make contact and the fire hits the explosion, creating a conflagration.

P. 10

  • Bocoms: Ever fought with elements Pirate Hunter?
  • Zoro: Hm?

-Bocoms sweeps his sword towards the ground, to which it cracks-

  • Bocoms: See?
  • Zoro: If you call that fighting with elements, I have the element of air.

-Zoro slices the air, a pressureblast of wind pushes back Bocoms-

  • Zoro: What?!

-The ground under him quakes away-

P. 11

  • Sanji: Go ahead! We'll reach surface after you!
  • Luffy: Are you sure?!
  • Zoro: Get up the surface, captain!
  • Usopp: Should we?
  •  ?: It's okay, I'll help them up!
  • Luffy: Jinbe!

-Jinbe smiles as he pushes the Sunny forth with a whip of water-

P. 12/13

-Three scenes:

1: The Sunny flies to the exit of the island.

2: Big Mam's ship (shadowed) floats the sea with the Red Line in the background

3: A 2 vs. 3 battle: Bocoms and Tamago vs. Zoro, Sanji and Jinbe.-

P. 14

  • Bobbin: Kycia! (the three eyed girl)
  • Kycia: I know, we're almost there.
  • Big Mam: Mmhmhm! Whole Cake Island is so closeby Fishman Island... Hmm... I can smell the candy already..!

-Bobbin stands upon the rear of the (shadowed) ship-

  • Bobbin: They're coming up.

Infobox: Bobbin, vice-captain of the Big Mam Pirates, cook.

  • Kycia: I can feel it too.

Infobox: Kycia, vice-captain of the Big Mam Pirates, navigator.

P. 15

  • Big Mam: Hm, the Grand Line.
  • Bobbin: It's not edible mama!
  • Big Mom: We're so close to MarineHQ. I'm not in the mood for Akainu.
  • Bobbin: We should go down already, before they see us.
  • Big Mom: Our battleground will be Fishman Island!

P. 16

  •  ? 2: It's too soon. He's not strong enough.
  •  ? 1: But it's Luffy. I'm sure he knows what he's doing.
  • ? 3: It's been 2 years, you've seen how he managed himself in the war.

? 1: He didn't manage himself. He was reckless.

? 2: Big Mom is strong. I'm afraid he won't be able to stand his ground.

? 1: I'm sure he won't. We have to be real, Big Mom is too strong for Luffy.

? 2: Oh shut up Beckmann! He'll make it! It's Luffy! Pour in another round!

P. 17/18

- six Marines sitting at a table-

  • Momonga: Big Mom made her move. She's going to Fishman Island.
  • Dobermann: She never goes there.
  • Dalmatian: Let a fleet follow her.
  • Momonga: Do you people know who is on Fishman Island?!
  • Onigumo: So I've heard.
  • Lacroix: The kid from the war.

P. 19

  •  ?: Strawhat Luffy. He's dead. And if he doesn't die there, he'll die by my hands.
  • Dalmatian: Admiral Smoker?
  • Smoker: Two of the biggest threads of the seas.

-pushes button-

  • Smoker: Let's commence a Buster Call.

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