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Title: Legend

Cover: Colorspread of the Strawhats on the Sunny doing random chores.

P. 1

  • Manboshi: Mom?
  • Neptune: What happened? Where's Otohime?! Answer me guards!
  • Guard 1: Sir... Queen Otohime...
  • Guard 2: Sh... She pa-
  • Jinbe: She was assasinated king.
  • Guard 1: We're sorry, your majesty.

Neptune weeps and floats over to his children, lying besides their mothers body.

P. 2

  • Fukaboshi: Father... Mother has died...
  • Neptune: I see. Get Shirahoshi out of here, Manboshi, Ryuboshi.
  • Ryboshi: Dad, wai-
  • Fukaboshi: Bring her home you guys!

Shirahoshi silently cries over her mothers death. Guards lead the sons and daughter home.

  • Neptune: Let's get her out of here son. Your mother was a beautiful woman who still earns her respect. Let's prepare a proper burial.

P. 3

  • MotL: Your majesty, we're ready, we can bring the queen home...
  • Neptune: Let's go.
  • Jinbe: Farewell, your majesty.


Flashback ends


  • Shirahoshi: I can't believe it has been ten years already.
  • Jinbe: Your mother was a wonderful person...
  • Nami: Jinbe, so when Fisher Tiger died and you took the position of Shichibukai, Arlong decended towards the East Blue.
  • Sanji:I can imagine.

P. 4

  • Nami: So it was a lie?
  • Jinbe: What?
  • Nami: What Arlong always told me about you. That you were a brutal man, worse then any other. That your name was treason...
  • Jinbe: He felt great hatred for me. You should understand why now,
  • Hatchan: All Arlong spoke of, was a exaggerated lies that continued to build up on this Fishman Island.
  • Nami: So I see... Well then, I can trust you.

P. 5

  • Sanji: Nami-swan is so cute when she trusts someone!
  • Jinbe: I'm grateful to you, Nami.
  • Luffy: Jinbe... You told me I couldn't fight this Jones guy. Why not?

  • Usopp: We're heading out!
  • Zoro: One Sword Style - 'Shishi Sonson!'

P. 6

  • Jones: Gaah! This is a seastone trident! You can't break my weapon!
  • Brook: He... blocked it! What great... strenght!
  • NFP 1: Boss, hurry up! Neptune is coming this way!
  • Jones: I know, I know! Jahahaha! Roronoa Zoro, get ready to break every bone in your entire body!!
  • Usopp: Zoro! Brook and I are heading out right now! This water isn't any good for him.


  • Jones: Triple Saw'!'
  • Zoro: Three Sword Style - Wolf Pack Hunting!

The trident and swords clash, pushing back Zoro into a pillar.

  • Jones: Shark Arrow!

Arrows pierce the pillar and it snaps in two.

  • Usopp: Zoro!

P. 8

  •  ?: Dammit.
  • Brook: Zoro-kun?
  • Jones: Ah, he avoided. What speed.
  • Zoro: Two Sword Style - Double Harbor Bird!
  • Jones: So incompetent.

* Zoro: Two Sword Style - Vulture Haunt!

P. 9

  • Usopp: Go Zoro-kun!

Zoro jumps right behind his two slashes, and as Jones blocks the slashes, Zoro propellors right into Jones' chest.

  • Jones: Aaargh!

P. 10

  • Zoro: I'm coming with you!

Usopp, Brook and Zoro head out of the palace, breaking through the wall.

  • Jones: Aarh... Dammit all! The inferior race stood up against me.
  • Neptune: Don't fight with humans! That makes the view on discriminations even worse!

P. 11

  • Jones: Huh?

Jones' and Neptune's tridents clash.

  • Jones: It's a good thing that the citizens of this island understand the balance between us fishman and thsoe humans! They know that we are far greater then those sunpeople!
  • Neptune: People like you make my wife's ideals impossible to become truth. I will not make her actions fall in nothingness!

P. 12

  • Franky: Den has started coating the ship, we can be out of here in two days!
  • Den: I'll coat it with a Don!
  • Luffy: Great!
  • Jinbe: Huh?
  • Sanji: What's that?

P. 13

  • Luffy: Scaredy-cat, hide behind us!
  • Jinbe: That's the ninth in generation of mermaid hunters! Willem van der Decken!
  • Sanji: Is he after the queen?
  • Jinbe: He is a dangerous man, he has the powers of a Devil Fruit you know.
  • Luffy: I'll kick his ass!
  • Sanji: Wait, captain. Let me handle this.

P. 14

  • Decken: To even think Shirahoshi start dating more men at the same time! The harlot!
  • Sanji: Don't think you can even come close to the princess.
  • Decken: Show me what you got!
  • Sanji: Blue Walk!

P. 15

  • Decken: Walking in the air do you? Bahohoho!

Sanji runs towards the inflying coral and his leg suddenly ignites.

  • Sanji: Diable...
  • Decken: What the-
  • Sanji: Jambe - Barbeque Bazooka!

Decken and his flying coral are sent diving into the ground, followed by Sanji.

  • Sanji: Go back to the zoo, spiderlegs!