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Chapter 613 Prediction

Yountoryuu January 31, 2011 User blog:Yountoryuu

Title: Palace Raid

P. 1:

  • Zoro: Luffy?!
  • Neptune: What is going on here?!
  • Luffy: I didn't do it on purpose!
  • Zoro: Oh you're such a pain in the butt.
  • Luffy/Neptune: Who? Me?
  • Zoro: You guys are so ignorant!
  • Luffy: Shishishi, sorry Zoro.
  • Neptune: Daughter, are you alright?
  • Shirahoshi: So this is Luffy?

P. 2

  • Luffy: Yosh! And you are a giant mermaid.
  • Neptune: She sure is.
  • Pappag/Minister of the Left/Minister of the Right: SIR!
  • Nami: Zoro, why didn't you wait for us?!
  • Zoro: I thought it would take forever for you to come here. You guys always lose directions.
  • Nami/Usopp: SHUT UP
  • Brook: Yohohohoho!
  • Shirahoshi: So you are Monkey D. Luffy?
  • Neptune: He is, darling.
  • Luffy: I'm your humble servant.
  • Pappug/Keimi/Nami/Usopp: LATE!

P. 3

  • Hordi Jones: We're here.
  • Zeo: We're ready.
  • Daruma: How are we going to do this?
  • Hordi Jones: Quick and painfull.
  • Ikaros: I'll go first.
  • Hordi Jones: No way, I'll be the first to go. NEPTUNE!

Everybody in Shirahoshi's room looks up and comes down to the main hall.

  • Neptune: Jones, again. What is it that you want this time?
  • Ikaros: Let's get him!

They break though the main door and storm inside the hall.

P. 4

Jones goes for Neptune.

Nami: What?

Megalo intervenes and pushes away Neptune. Zeo comes running towards Neptune...

  • Usopp: Madori Boshi: Phoenix Flames!

Zeo gets blasted towards the wall.

  • Jones: The Strawhat Pirates...
  • Luffy: Who are they Neptune?
  • Pappug/Keimi: SO RUDE!
  • Nami: Thunderbolt... Lighting Cyclone!

A huge thunderwave shocks the New Fishman Pirates.

  • Usopp: Get out.
  • Nami: Now!

P. 5

  • Jones: And what if I don't?
  • Usopp: Hissatsu: Atlas Comet!

Jones evades and grabs Usopp's throath.

  • Jones: I ate six Energy Steroids, you can't beat me. It's time to take over this place.
  • Luffy: Just try!

Ikaros and Daruma clash with Zoro and Nami, Usopp aims at Deso.

P. 6

  • Luffy: I don't care how much you ate of what, you will not attack this nice old man!
  • Neptune: -Let's see what this kid can do...-
  • Zoro: 324 Pound Cannon!
  • Nami: Blackcloud Blueblitz!

P. 7

  • Usopp: Midori Boshi: Blowstream!

Jones' companions are all knocked through the wall or ground, except himself.

Megalo rushes for Jones, but gets hit and falls to the ground.

  • Luffy: I'm amazed. You sure have strength if you can down a shark in one hit...
  • Nami: But can you down a monkey?

P. 8


Jones gets hit, big time, and falls to his knees.

P. 9

  • Jones: Aargh!
  • Nami: Luffy! Watch it!

Ikaros tries to stab Luffy but Zoro in Asura Mode takes the eight spears and stabs with the free sword.

  • Usopp: He's getting back up.
  • Luffy: Thanks Zoro.

Ikaros is picked up and gets carried by Zeo to a big blowfish that's waiting outside the wall.

  • Jones: Hmmph... Strong indeed... It's no wonder my former captain admires you...
  • Luffy: Arlong doesn't admire me, he -
  • Jones: But Jinbei does.

Luffy is shocked.

P. 10

  • Jones: I'll meet you again, Strawhat. Make sure you're not here when I meet you. It would be a shame if this palace would turn to ruins...
  • Neptune: You...-
  • Zoro: Hmf.
  • Luffy: I wouldn't recommend you looking me up. JET BAZOOKA~!

P. 11

Jones gets blasted to his blowfish (which happens to be his boat) and it takes off. Daruma is late getting on and hangs on the anchor.

  • Neptune: It must be true... You must be Dragon's son.

Everybody at the palace is shocked, except the Strawhats and the just arrived three princes.

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